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Guest Bill Serra

No electioneering at BVA

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Guest Bill Serra

It is election time again in the US and it is incumbent on us to remember that in this period of heightened emotions we must do our best to keep our opinions to ourselves when we speak in a public forum at BVA. We cannot afford to lose one member just because of something he heard on the radio or read in the forums, website or FlightDesk public chat.


Many of our members have strong political opinions and our community does not have the means to police, let alone mediate ideological debates.


A vibrant political discussion strengthens an already strong society. BVA is a strong community but not strong enough to endure the often venomous, always aggressive spirit of the political discourse. The divisiveness of ideological confrontation has brought countries to civil war. It often tears apart peaceful societies. We don't want this to happen to us and for this reason we must urge all of you to refrain from expressing your political views, especially during the electoral campaign.


There are public venues that thrive on differences of opinion. They are equipped to cool down heated discussions and curb excessive rhetoric. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to do so. Our only moderation tool is the editing or removal of postings that can be construed as electioneering whether they are benign or malicious, genuine or tendentious. We plan to use it indiscriminately without explanation.


We are aware that the First Amendment protects the expression of opinions. If there is enough interest we may consider a new policy. However, as we said above, we would much prefer that members used the venues that are dedicated to political discussion.


Bill and Evan

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