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Zac Ploch

Clearance Delivery ATC

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Hello all!


Recently, we've had a lot of new members calling Clearance Delivery when in fact another controller is the right place to call. Of course, we don't mind re-directing you to the right place. But if you'd prefer to make one call instead of two, here's a bit of information about Clearance Delivery that might help.


I would like to take the time to explain what the Clearance Delivery Position is and what the controller is capable of doing. The Clearance Delivery Controller always handles clearances. Clearances include IFR and sometimes, in the Bravo Airspace, VFR. Sometimes in busy situations, controllers in BVA might coordinate so that Clearance Delivery controls the ramp. All other movement areas are controlled by the Ground Controller.


With that being said, Ground and Clearance Delivery can only control the airport at which they are positioned at. For example, if Clearance Delivery is on at KBOS and you spawn in at KASH looking for IFR clearance to KBOS, you must either contact ZBW_C, BOS_A, ASH_T, ASH_G, or ASH_Cl depending on which controller is online. All other airports, in and out of the airport's airspace, are controlled by their Ground and Clearance Delivery. If no controller is on for your airport I urge you to please check out either Evan's (Evanet) post (viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3731) or view the "Which Controller do I contact?" in the Getting Started Guide (http://www.bostonvirtualatc.com/getting ... oller.html).


I hope this helps! Happy flying!

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