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Dan Perrone

Calling All Scenery Buffs! Apply to the Scenery Design Team

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BVA is a unique community in that we have the a dedicated Airport Update Team that provides customized and accurate airport scenery for almost all of our operations. We also hold the distinction of having the most in-house scenery packages for a single community. Since the formation of BVA’s Scenery Design Team nearly 4 years ago, we have produced almost 130 individual airport updates, each of which is freely available to all members of BVA. No other flight simulation community, anywhere, can boast that fact.


I have been leading the Scenery Design Team since the fall of 2009, and in that time, we have produced some incredibly beautiful renditions in all corners of the United States, Canada, and even a few unique locations worldwide. We’re now looking for 3-5 qualified individuals to join the team and take up the responsibility for BVA’s scenery needs.


Job Description

As a scenery designer for BVA, you have to be well versed in the file structure of FSX and in how to use the FSX SDK. A solid understanding of file types, hierarchy, specialized software, attention to detail, and an abundance of patience are all must-haves for successful scenery designers. You can expect to be working on scenery design projects regularly and to spend 2-3 hours per week when you have been assigned an airport to update. Community events wait for no one, and this means that every scenery design project you work on for BVA has a deadline

attached to it. Designers spend long hours rendering, testing, and validating their work before packaging the files into automatic installers and writing the associated install documentation. And after that is all done and the new release has been posted to the BVA servers, it’s on to the next project.


This role is fast-paced, on tight deadlines, and with a pedigree of very high quality. If you think you have the passion, patience, and desire to provide an essential and unique service to BVA, then this is the role for you. If you would like to apply to become one of BVA’s scenery designers, we would love to see your application. There is no experience necessary. I will be training all successful applicants in the use of scenery design programs. All necessary software for the formal training will be provided free of charge to those accepted. While those without experience with scenery design are welcome, strong candidates will have prior experience designing scenery for FSX and meeting deadlines. Be aware that one of the major factors in selecting candidates will be the

availability and reliability of the candidate. We are looking for dedicated, self-motivated individuals who are willing to give back to their community in a meaningful manner for the mid to long term.


If you would like to apply, submit an application via email for review at the address below. Applications will close on January 22. We will conduct interviews as applications are submitted and will close interviews if we believe we have found the necessary and qualified candidates.


Applications should include the following information:

  • Name and age
  • Outline of prior experience that has prepared the candidate to meet the requirements of the Scenery Design Team
  • Outline of prior experience with software related to scenery design for FSX
  • A blurb about yourself, how you came to BVA, why you would like to give back to the community, and what aviation means to you
  • Your time and availability on a week-to-week basis (we expect that such schedules will change with school and work, and we will work with you at those times to accommodate that)
  • A sample of your previous scenery work, packaged in a ZIP file and attached to the email (optional)

Send all applications to danp@bostonvirtualatc (dot) com with the subject line “Scenery Design Application.”


Please take this application seriously! You do not have to, but if you wish, you may submit a formalized resume-styled response. Doing so will get you style points, but won’t get you ahead, sorry. We are looking for serious candidates, so if this is just a passing interest for you, please look into contributing to the community in another manner.


Thanks! I'm looking forward to the applications!

Dan P.

PPL ASEL - High Perf & Complex Endsr.

KHVN - Tweed-New Haven/KOXC - Waterbury-Oxford

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Because of some problems with interview scheduling, we have extended applications until March 15th.

Dan P.

PPL ASEL - High Perf & Complex Endsr.

KHVN - Tweed-New Haven/KOXC - Waterbury-Oxford

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