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Zac Ploch

HippyHappy Germany Closing

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Last week, HippyHappy Germany announced on the FSX Beyond Gamespy Forums that the community would be closing its doors on Sunday, July 27, 2014. HippyHappy has expressed true regret in not being able to stay up and running to provide a home for all of its members, however, due to financial reasons they could not afford to keep the server up and running to the capacity that it has been doing for many years. Many may recognize HippyHappy Germany as the sole developer of FSCloud and the developer of the FSX Beyond Gamespy Bot which allows FSX Beyond Gamespy to list different online communities.


Boston Virtual ATC would like to sincerely thank HippyHappy Germany for all its collaborative efforts in the creation/development of FSX Beyond Gamespy and the Cross-Community Flights. We also would like to wish all at HippyHappy the very best in their future endeavors.


(Original FSX Beyond Gamespy Forum post here)

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