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Zac Ploch

FSX Beyond GameSpy is now FSX Multiplayer

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FSX Beyond GameSpy is now FSX Multiplayer! Thanks to all the support from flight sim communities such as BVA, FSX Beyond GameSpy has reached more than 145,000 users over the past two years. Now, the website is being expanded to talk more about the benefits of multiplayer. In addition to improving the FSX Sessions List, the new website will also include a more logical listing of multiplayer communities.


The new website is designed in part to help users in a “single player” setting discover the benefits of flying online, whether through FSX’s multiplayer or another platform. In a recent AVSIM survey, 41% of respondents reported being a member of an online flight organization. We hope FSXMultiplayer.com will help convince part of the 59% of respondents who don’t fly online to give our communities a try.


One of the biggest changes made is the different sections for users who wish to join "Casual Aviation Communities" or "Realistic ATC Communities". The dichotomy of “Casual Aviation Communities” and “Realistic ATC Communities” is our attempt to make it as easy and simple as possible for new users to multiplayer. We’ve also tried to categorize some of the communities that were listed on FSX Beyond GameSpy as one of the two.


Boston Virtual ATC is proud to be a founding sponsor and developer of FSX Multiplayer. As we said goodbye to GameSpy years ago, we now say hello to the different possibilities the world of flight sim aviation has in store.


Feel free to check out the FSX Multiplayer website at http://www.fsxmultiplayer.com.

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