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Tom Guerrette

BVA Gets New Text Message Provider

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Some of you may have noticed that you haven't been receiving the usual text Event Reminders. This was because the service we were previously using to send those text message updates was discontinued, without any notice given to BVA.


Good news, though, is that we found a new provider for this service, and it will be the same price as the old service -- free! The provider is Remind (http://www.remind.com). While the service is meant primarily for schools, we have been given permission to take advantage of the fantastic services they offer.


Unfortunately, we are not able to move all of the subscribers from the old service to the new one, so you will need to resubscribe if you would like to continue receiving BVA event updates via text message.


To get BVA event reminders texted to your phone please text '@BVATC' to 81010. After doing that, you will then be asked for your name. Please reply with your BVA username. If you do not reply with your username, the system will not add you to the list. BVA is not able to see your phone number.


Neither BVA nor Remind charges you for receiving these messages, although standard messaging rates from your carrier may apply if you are normally charged to receive text messages.





Tom G.

FSExpo Liaison

[email protected]


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