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Guest Jason Herman

Use of the ATC Channel

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Guest Jason Herman

From the VATUSA Director's desk:


Recently at the VATUSA meeting there was as you remember a discussion about the use of the ATC Channel and the policy remains in effect... That includes opening and closing announcements...




Here is the policy ---




Use of Guard channel (121.5) and the ATC Channel


The use of guard channel/ATC Channel within VATUSA is discouraged. This is a VATSIM policy defined in the "CODE OF CONDUCT" and it applies to any guard transmission, and ATC transmissions including announcements of position openings and closings. This restriction is the result of misuse and excessive transmissions heard by all pilots and ATC. Guard has commonly been used as a way to make announcements in the past, and it has been determined by VATSIM HQ and VATUSA that other resources are available which make such announcements unwarranted. When necessary, broadcasts will be made by supervisory personnel using the privileged ".WALL" function. If you cannot reach a pilot by the use of a private message, it is unlikely that guard will work either. Use of the ATC Channel is limited to extreme emergencies only. Loss of voice or text is an example of when not to use it or when a you are unable to contact a pilot. If you feel you must use the guard frequency, contact a VATSIM staff member or supervisor before transmitting on 121.5.




Some ARTCC's are enforcing the policy while their neighbors are not and it's making them look stupid or perhaps you since the information wasn't passed on to your guys...




Thanks again for your support. Merry Xmas to all of you in advance.




In addition to the above policy, please only use the ATC channel in specific situations where your message may not be practically received via private message or override. If it is relatively quiet, notify any controllers that will need to know you're open/closing via private message, not via ATC channel.




If it's busy, then TWR, APP, and CTR should consider using text override (if using VRC) and then may consider using the ATC channel as a last resort. CTR controllers, please coordinate with adjacent ARTCCs via private message or override, not the ATC channel.




If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.







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Guest Jason Herman
ASRC 1.2 also supports text override.




Even better. Thanks for the correction, cz.





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