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Guest Jason Herman

Updated vZDC LOA

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Guest Jason Herman

Hi Gents,




An updated version of our vZDC LOA has been approved by vZDC and can be found on our site at the same address as always.




Here are the major changes:




1. The following clause was added as requested by vZDC and vZNY:


If ZNY is online, handoff all aircraft destined for Philadelphia (KPHL) routed via the VCN STAR to ZNY at or below FL220. If ZNY is not online, handoff these aircraft to ZDC at the airspace boundary.


2. PVD arrivals shall be handed off at/below FL250 at the boundary.




3. STAR numbers removed and replaced with the variable 'X' to avoid the need to update the LOA upon a STAR revision (unless it will impact the operations in which case the LOA would be revised). Specifically requested by vZDC.




4. Other minor editorial items.




Please familiarize yourself with these changes and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.







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