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Guest Jason Herman

Instructor Resignation - EE

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Guest Jason Herman



I regret to inform you that EE (Dan Everette) has tendered his instructor resignation this evening due to upcoming real world time constraints.


Dan -- I'm very sorry to see you go after the hundreds of hours you've dedicated to vZBW and its students, but I sure hope to see you on the scopes in the future.  Best of luck to you and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Everyone, please raise a Tullamore Dew for EE!

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Guest Gary Millsaps



Thanks for all of your guidance and wisdom...you are truly one of a very few....


And just this once, I'll swallow my Scots bullishness and raise a dram of 'Dew to ya!


Best to you and good luck!



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Thanks for being an AWESOME insturctor and thanks for helping all of us to get to where we are today. vZBW will miss your assistance. Good luck in the future and hope to see you on the scopes.



Jeffrey Marques

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Guest Hendrik den Hartog



And another one bites the dust. Aint real life a distractor at times huh. Great input, and was much appreciated Dan.


Although, not meant to detract, but a great bunch of others here willing to take up the slack.



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Guest Larry Warner

Geez!  Don't write the man's eulogy yet.  He ain't dead: he just rolled over and is playing the part ;D .


Nevertheless, thanks Dan for all you've done here as an Instructor.  The caliber of controllers, students, and mentors that vZBW produces is a testament to your hard work and contributions to the training program here in Boston.  Don't be a stranger to the scopes.

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