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Guest Paul Byrne

Gary Millsaps - INS

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Guest Paul Byrne

Hi guys,


Please join me in congratulating Gary Millsaps (MS) on gaining his instructor rating with VATUSA! Gary has risen up through the vZBW ranks very quickly helped on by his real world experience and the fact that he is always on and never seems to sleep.


Gary, welcome to the "[bOS_MENTORS] BOSTON ARTCC EXAM REQUEST" club. As part of your welcome package we got you a slightly used wrist support for when you get RSI from assigning tests all the time and a party sized box of valium. I believe the wrist support comes from EE. He told me that he may have used it once as a make shift cup when he got all oiled up and played volleyball "Top Gun" style, so you may want to wash it before you use it yourself, although Dan swears there's nothing to worry about. As for the valium, weee jusszztt uuuzzse thht to easzzzzzzzzzz.........

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Guest Mike Catalfamo

Excellent to hear...congratulations Gary!!

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Guest amusselman

Congrats MS. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  ;D

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Guest Andrew Smiley

Nice job Mr. Millsaps :)



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Guest Scotte Zinn

Congratulations Gary!


-- Scotte

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Guest AA

Congrats Gary! You're almost at the top  ;D



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Guest Gary Millsaps

Once again my thanks to each and all...I'm looking forward to working with...uhhh...working with...uhhh....oh heck! can't think straight......hey Paul how many of those little pills am I supposed to take at one time...was it 2, 3...I feel funny??





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