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Guest Jason Herman

Oneida County (Utica) Airport Closed

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Guest Jason Herman

Hi Guys,


Be advised the Oneida County Airport (Utica, NY; KUCA) has been closed since 12/31/06 under NOTAM UCA 01/025.  Pilots enroute to KUCA should be informed of the airport closure and rerouted to the Griffiss Airpark (KRME) unless they specifically request to land at Utica (which will be at their own risk).




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Hmmm.....Too bad they spent all that money on redoing the terminal.  Ahh, the memories of doing NDB approaches on a cold, dark snowy night....tower closed, Griffiss approach saying, "If you guys have to go missed, fly runway heading to 3000...I have to go down the hall to the bathroom"  .......then jumping in the car and driving home to Syracuse on a snow covered Thruway.  Ahhhh...yes, the memories.  Oh, and the ATIS which used to end with... "Deer and Turkey on and in the vicinity of the runway...use caution."

Pete Kalker

17,000+ total time B737, etc etc etc :-) Fly heading 090 and change callsign to SharkBait1

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