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Guest Paul Byrne

Welcome ZBWs newest(sort of) TA

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Guest Paul Byrne

Hi guys,


Please allow me to welcome and congratulate Dan Everette(EE) as ZBWs latest and greatest TA!


Dan has worked the TA and Instructor position before with us, but had to take some time off for his Thesis. Now that that's all done he's ready to get back into the saddle and help us maintain ZBWs role as one of the premier ARTCCs in VATUSA.


Dan, that strange smell is MSs' pipe. Being an old salt though, I'm sure you'll have one soon enough yourself.



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Guest Gary Millsaps

Welcome back Dan...irregardless of PB's comments, that fine English tobacco smell has been carefully cultured to mask the funk he left behind...I didn't want to know where that came from!  ;D



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Guest Will Stewart

Welcome back, EE!


I look forward to a very productive and memorable relationship harassing you for training  ;D

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Guest Derek M

Congrats, EE!  Now I know to harass for Center training!



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