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Richard Bonneau

A word from the ATM

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Team ZBW,


Firstly, I am thrilled and honored to have been selected to serve you as Boston's newest Air Traffic Manager.   I consider this facility among the best in VATUSA and it is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of a long line of ATMs who have made an impact both here and on VATSIM.  


Secondly, I'd like to thank Don Desfosse (DO) for his tireless efforts, and more importantly, outstanding results during his long tenure as ZBW?s Air Traffic Manager.  Don brought much to the table as ZBW?s ATM - dedication to flight simulation and air traffic control, amazing organizational skills, patience, love for teaching, and unbounded energy.  He will put those skills to good use as the new VATUSA1 and the entire division will be better for it.   Congratulations, DO!  


As ATM, my primary goal is to grow ZBW without sacrificing Boston's tradition of excellence.  We earned and maintain our reputation by providing exceptional service, each and every day.  We will grow by providing more of it.  To do that, we need a greater online presence which can only come through increased training, increased availability, regularly scheduled creative events, and exceptional teamwork.


I am thankful for the incredible experience that ZBW and VATSIM have given me, and I consider it both duty and a privilege to pay it forward.  This network, and Boston ARTCC, is about its people and what we make of it.  Let?s make it the best it can be!


Rich Bonneau (BU)

Air Traffic Manager

Boston ARTCC


Rich Bonneau (BU)

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