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  1. Thanks Evan, that's stopped all the messages.
  2. Hi, I have downloaded FLAi and am very pleased with the results. An amazing array of liveries! I do, however, get repeated red error notices on vPILOT with a booping noise each time and it reads "Failed to create aircraft....corrupt or missing files and it always refers to WoA aircraft. I have downloaded and installed some WoA aircraft in the past but this was for FSX Boxed and I have since changed to Steam Edition. I can find some old WoA zipped files in my 'Downloads' folder and wonder if they are somehow the cause of the problem. I also still have the BVA model matching .vmr in the cu
  3. Hi, just checking that the event time for 'New Beginning' has changed to 7pm from 3pm. (it is still advertised as 3pm on the Events Calendar and Overview page) Thanks
  4. I would just like to say that this was the first virtual airshow I've attended and is was very impressive. The fly overs with music and excellent commentary for me was the highlight.