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  1. Join me in congratulating Collin Koldoff (KF) on earning his Boston Center certification! I have had the opportunity to work with KF a few times including his S3 initial and I have always been very impressed with his work ethic and professionalism. Collin has always sounded like a champ on frequency, and now you'll be hearing him on Center. While the training is complete, the learning never stops. Keep up the great work KF - we are proud to have you on our team!
  2. Join me in congratulating our newest Center controller: Austin Cirulli (RQ)! I am very proud of my buddy Austin for his hard work to earn his C1. We went through some grueling sessions on the network and one thing I can say about Austin is that he always keeps a positive attitude and never gives up. He keeps his head down and keeps working no matter how messy the scope looks! Completing ZBW training with a C1 rating is not a feat that many have accomplished, so this is a huge milestone in Austin's career with us. Now that Austin will be controlling Center please keep a look out for him on the time table and make sure to provide him with as much support as possible
  3. Congratulations to Mateo Rodriguez (RZ) who has earned his full certification for Boston Approach!
  4. Congrats to Sam Bolvin (BI) who has earned his full Boston Approach certification! He's waving Bye, Bye, Bye to his _S_ tag!
  5. Better late than never - congrats to Sergey Kheyfets (KT) who passed his S3 OTS on 5/28!
  6. Join me in congratulating our newest Center controller: Nathan Rankin! I had the opportunity to train Nathan on Boston Tower, Approach, and Center, and working with him has always been a pleasure. It is not often we see students with such a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. His training is now complete but on Center, the learning never stops. Welcome to the big leagues Nathan!
  7. Congratulations to Mateo Rodriguez (RZ) who earned his full certification on Boston Tower on 3/24. Nice work!
  8. Congratulations to Ben Rosenberg (RG) who has earned his full certification on Boston Ground!
  9. Congratulations to Braden Kearney (KY) who has earned his Class C Ground/Delivery certification. Welcome to the party!
  10. 60 Hours is back. Join us for this one of a kind ATC marathon event! As part of this unique tradition, Boston Center will be staffed continuously from December 6 at 11am ET to December 8 at 11pm ET (6 Dec 1600z - 9 Dec 0400z). We will be hosting FNO on that Friday night as well. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  11. thank you for reading the briefing and asking this question!
  12. If you fly your jet into Boston and we are landing 27, that's what you are going to hear.. no exceptions!! Congratulations to Nathan Rankin who has earned his Student Authorization for Boston Approach!

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