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  1. Live from Nashua, NH: Boston Virtual ARTCC presents the 20th Annual Boston Tea Party! Welcome to the 20th Annual Boston Tea Party LIVE! On Saturday, August 10, our controllers will come together in Nashua, NH to bring you seven hours of uninterrupted ATC coverage across the entire Boston ARTCC! In addition to Boston (KBOS) we will have staffing at many of our regional airports such as Bradley (KBDL), Providence (KPVD), Syracuse (KSYR), Portland (KPWM), Albany (KALB), and Nantucket (KACK). The fun will begin at 12:00 PM ET on August 10 and continue for 7 hours. The event will end promptly at 7:00 PM ET (2300 Z) so please plan your flights accordingly! The facility where we will be controlling will not be available beyond this time. Pilots are highly encouraged to read Boston Virtual ARTCC's Letter to Airmen before flying! During the event, pilots may also participate in a fun game called Tea Party Poker! Participating pilots can receive virtual poker cards after completing eligible flights. Pilots holding the best hands at the end of the event will have the opportunity to win great prizes from our Event Sponsors, which include HiFi, orbx, RealityXP, Rex Simulations, and Thrustmaster! Please visit the Tea Party page for more information.
  2. Please extend a warm welcome to the dark room to Collin Koldoff! KF aced a very challenging OTS at PVD to complete his S3 training and, pending completion of the VATUSA S3 exam, is certified to work Class C Approach! Collin has found his home here with BVA and has been one of our most reliable tower cab controllers. His hard work and dedication has paid off and I'm excited that he will be joining us on the radar scopes as well. Great work Collin and congrats!!!
  3. Join me in congratulating Dylan Smith (SH) on becoming our newest S1! He just passed his Class C ground certification at PWM in a SHocking 3 sessions. Great work Dylan!
  4. I think you mean he beet it off.
  5. Join me in congratulating Eric Beets (BS) on becoming our newest S1! He passed his Class C ground certification yesterday at PWM in only a few sessions. Eric recently became a CFII as well; his knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset to our team!!
  6. Join me in congratulating Bob Zolto on completing his Class C Ground training and joining the team as our newest S1. Bob showed excellent work ethic and dedication during his training and I'm excited to have him on the team. Congrats, Bob!
  7. As President Harry S. Truman used to say, "the buck stops here". Whether you're Pilot-in-Command or the Boston Final controller, you make the decisions that matter. Make the right decision on Friday, April 26th and fly into a fully staffed Boston Logan Airport (on the ROBUC, JFUND, or OOSHN arrival) starting at 1900ET/2300z.
  8. Join me in welcoming Skylar Morgan (MN) to the team as our newest Class C Ground controller! Skylar completed his training at PWM on Saturday morning, and admittedly, I was going to post this during my 24 hours on CTR but I forgot. At any rate, Skylar will make a valuable addition to the team, he's got a lot of personality on frequency and we look forward to seeing him on the network soon!!
  9. VATSIM has announced the date for Cross the Pond Westbound 2019, which will be held on March 30. It is yet to be determined whether BOS will be an arrival field for this event; however, BVA will likely have a major presence in this event either way. Please monitor this thread for further information as the event draws closer.
  10. Join me in congratulating Nathan Rankin (RI) on completing his Class B Tower certification! Nathan's hard work has paid off and he is now authorized to control Boston Tower during on-peak times, a major accomplishment in his relatively short career with us thus far. Keep up the great work buddy!

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