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  1. Welcome back, Mike, from another old ZBW hack! This community is great -- extremely supportive and top notch quality. As in the old days, easily one of the top 5 quality facilities on the entire network, but an even more supportive community. -- Don Desfosse (DO) TA 2008-2009 ATM 2009-2013
  2. Wait.... you got certified last night??!!?? j/k of course... Glad I could be a part of it In all seriousness, congrats!
  3. My very strong suggestion is that if you cannot do the entire flight online, in attendance, DO NOT sign up for a slot and preclude someone who can actually meet the requirements of the event (which is indeed to be in attendance throughout, with allowances for short, say 5-15 minute breaks, IF approved by ATC, in the middle of the flight). All that said, it really depends on what you mean by break. If it means getting up, walking around within a few feet of your chair, keeping audio volume up (or wearing a wireless headset) so you can hear, run back to your chair, and respond to A
  4. Claude, did you move your .bgl files to \addon scenery\scenery\ or to the program's \scenery\ folder? You should have moved them to \addon scenery\scenery\, and you should NOT have made any extra entries in FSX pointing to the RNAV update .bgl files. If you did make any extra entries in FSX pointing to the RNAV update .bgl files, you should delete them.
  5. My pleasure, Claude. Just to confirm, all is working now?
  6. \addon scenery\scenery means that under the \addon scenery folder, there is another sub-folder called \scenery The full path, if you were copying files via Windows, might look like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery\ Herve's installation instructions, on the right side of the Fixes page, are very clear and simple. He even includes a link that takes you to a step by step guide. Bottom line: if you only put your files into \addon scenery\, FSX will not find them on its own. You need to move them to the \scenery\ subdirectory (e
  7. Yes, you understood perfectly. If you put your BGL files in \addon scenery\scenery, I would have thought they would have worked. I also have not used FSX in a while and do not have it on this machine, so am shooting from (aging) memory. To be sure, though, you put your BGL files in \addon scenery\scenery, and not just \addon scenery, correct?
  8. Great. And I apologize in advance for the next questions, but we've had folks download the update and not actually install it in their sim, not realizing it, so I'll ask.... 1. Which file(s) did you download and try to install? 2. Where (on your computer) did you put the .bgl file(s) that you downloaded 3. If you placed the file in a unique folder (i.e. NOT in /addon Scenery/scenery), how specifically did you install it in your sim? 4. Which sim are you using?