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  1. Read more about 60 Hours of ATC and other community news in the December Logan Informer.
  2. Thanks David! Cross-posting the GitHub F2FF tool mentioned in Discord for eventual inclusion into the table: https://github.com/astenlund/fs2ff
  3. Thanks for the suggestions @Matthew Wurzbach! I'll leave the thread for a few days to let others respond and/or provide commentary on your suggestions, then come back and update the table at the top.
  4. Ooops...I did a bad. Back on October 13, it was my pleasure to complete a PVD/Class C Approach OTS with Milan Kroemer (KE)...but I forgot to post about it. D'oh! Milan, an overdue congratulations on your Class C Approach certification. Your handling of KPVD alongside KGON, KEWB, and KUUU was fun to watch (and I'm sure was super easy and relaxing for you, right...?). Thanks for putting up with me for just over a month of super exciting radar work and keep enjoying the chance to run airplanes into each other work traffic from 10,000' down!
  5. We've got a new inductee into Conflict Alert central, or as pilots know it, Class C Approach! After a brief hiatus courtesy of the beauty of scheduling training these days, I'm pleased to have certified Dan Nguyen (NN) for Class C Approach. Because training sessions with me are never boring, NN handled two GON arrivals, a WST arrival and departure, a config change, and even dealt with VATUSA's new TMU program in implementing a 25 MIT program to CLT with ease. Good sequencing and strong final work didn't hurt either. All in all, a solid OTS. NN, it was a pleasure to work with you. Hope you enjoyed the beatings fun on Class C Approach and try not to stub your toe as you walk around the dark room during your first few shifts...
  6. BVA Member Recommendations: MSFS Add-Ons If you're setting up MSFS for the first time, check out the first-time setup instructions in our Getting Started Guide. Aircraft Title/Description Description Price Link Scenery Title/Description Description Price Link Utilities Title/Description Description Price Link Other Title/Description Description Price Link
  7. As Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) continues to mature and several of our members get more familiar with the new simulator, we'd like to use this thread to centralize the add-ons that improve a user's experience, both for the pilot flying the aircraft and the ATC managing the flight. From scenery to aircraft to utilities, please share your payware and freeware finds for MSFS so that we can help those in the community who are experiencing MSFS for the first time find the best resources. Here's how it works: If you've discovered a great add-on for MSFS, post on this thread with the following: What it is (title and brief description). Category (Aircraft, Scenery, Utility, Other). Price (Freeware or US$ Payware). Link to Product/Utility. We'll review each of the submitted add-ons and keep a post at the top of this thread up-to-date with additions recommended by members.
  8. Please help support flight simulation developers by participating in Navigraph's 2020 FlightSim Community Survey. The survey is open until November 23. The largest of its kind, the survey aims to gauge the prevailing flight simulation trends and users' requests for the future. Last year, 17,000 simmers participated. As a proud partner of FlightSimExpo and a member of the global simulation industry, BVA is pleased to share the survey link with our members, as we did last year. As with previous editions, this year's survey has an emphasis on the major flight simulators and also includes questions about mobile devices, combat, and helicopters. The survey should take 15-30 minutes to complete and is entirely optional.
  9. Welcome! I wish you the best of luck in making a name for yourself here...
  10. Stop stealing all the puns! Now we have nothing to write when he passes the next OTS. Er...I mean...welcome Kyle!
  11. All pilots flying Cross the Pond: please review our Pilot Brief prior to departure. The brief is attached to this post. New this year, VATSIM has asked pilots who were not issued a booking/slot to avoid flying transatlantic. We welcome pilots to fly domestic routes into and out of Boston. We also expect coverage at our satellite airports like Bradley (KBDL) and Providence (KPVD). If you were not given a booking, please consider domestic routes to and from any airport that is staffed within Boston Center! You can access this page and the brief using the URL: www.bvartcc.com/ctp. CTP East 2020 Pilot Brief.pdf
  12. Read more about our Cross the Pond and other community news in the November Logan Informer.
  13. Well done! Welcome back to the ATC team.

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