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  1. Hi @Eric H, I reviewed and approved your application on May 1. Your welcome letter might be in the spam folder. You should be able to login just fine now. If you have any trouble accessing any of the members-only portions of the site, please let us know. You can post here or send me an email at [email protected]
  2. I'll raise a CUp to that good news! Nice job.
  3. Read the May Logan Informer, where you'll find information on NY Approach Callsign Changes, our HONK! v2 event, a debrief of Cross the Pond, and other community news.
  4. Cross the Pond Westbound 2021 April 24, statistics for arrivals between 1-7pm ET (1700 - 2300z) Timelapses: Boston Center (overall), submitted by Collin K. Boston Center (northwest area, JFK arrivals and IAD overflights), submitted by Arvid H. Boston Center (Boston arrivals and approaches, also shows approach and ground traffic), submitted by Josh N. Boston Approach, submitted by Daniel N. Boston Tower/Ground, submitted by Daniel N. Statistics: From StatSim. KBOS Departures: 67. Arrivals: 121. KBDL Departures: 7. Arrivals: 4.
  5. Congratulations! The S1->C1 journey can seem like a long one at times. I hope you take the opportunity to reflect on it and found it was something you've enjoyed doing. And, of course, hope that the license to learn serves you well on BOS_CTR in the coming years!
  6. Another controller in need of a name change.
  7. For BVA member pilots flying transatlantic during Cross the Pond, FSElite has published a thorough guide with helpful suggestions: https://fselite.net/originals/pilots-your-guide-to-vatsim-cross-the-pond-westbound-2021 Friendly reminder: VATSIM has asked pilots who were not issued a booking/slot to avoid flying transatlantic.
  8. Apparently you will only see this information populated on the day of the event.
  9. @Jayaram Bhasker, I think I have a slot for you. I sent you a private message in Discord.
  10. The real question is when is he going to change his name to something unique?
  11. Yes, the autopilot issue on the OOSHN...the RNAV into GHG...two slow movers switched to 22R...he handled it all with the grace under pressure we come to expect from season Boston controllers. Congratulations to @Mitch Monette (ME) for his successful OTS on Class B Approach. Pleasure working with you! Now enjoy A90 final on Saturday...well, okay, maybe not quite yet.
  12. Time for some Kraft Dinner to celebrate! (For you few Americans here in our international community, Kraft Dinner is known as "Kraft Mac & Cheese".) #DDOGE
  13. Slot announcements were sent out yesterday, and pilots who received one will have been notified via email. If you did not receive a slot and are looking for one, or if you wish to drop/exchange your slot, please post here to help coordinate with other BVA members. For more background information on the event: https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/30925-vatsim-cross-the-pond-westbound-2021/?tab=comments#comment-177667