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  1. A lot of Manuel Labor goes into a successful BOS_GND OTS. Congrats!
  2. Putting on a Master Class, I'm sure. Congrats Jeff!
  3. On February 11, FlightSimExpo published the initial version of its 2021 event schedule and opened registration to in-person and online-only attendees. The event is currently scheduled for June 4-6, 2021 in San Diego. FlightSimExpo has traditionally been BVA’s biggest member meet-up of the year. This year, we’ll plan to support both components of the event. In-person attendees will still get the “meet-up” experience of years past, while we’re planning pilot-focused events in the local area for members who will be participating remotely. If you’re thinking about attending
  4. We're going back in time for this one. As submitted by Chris O., here's a view of Boston Approach during BVA's "A New Beginning" event from 2015. Crazy to watch the traffic during this large, FNO-style event in 2015 be about the same (or maybe even a bit less) than what we just saw in our regular weekly Regional Circuit on Thursday! And starting at 2:50...
  5. Regional Circuit: KBOS and KSYR February 18, 8-11pm ET Timelapses: Syracuse Approach, submitted by Daniel N. Boston Approach (final), submitted by Alexander I. Boston Approach/Tower, submitted by Evan M. Boston Approach (north/feeder area), submitted by Mateo R. Statistics: From StatSim. KBOS Departures: 54. Arrivals: 68. KSYR Departures: 28. Arrivals: 33.
  6. Makin' all those Class C Tower controllers jelly. Nice job KY!
  7. Minor Facility Showcase: KPVD February 10, 8-11pm ET Timelapses: Providence Approach/Tower, submitted by Alexander I. Statistics: From StatSim. KPVD Departures: 32. Arrivals: 57. KOQU Departures: 6. Arrivals: 12.
  8. Northeast Corridor FNO 2021 February 5, 7pm - 12am ET Timelapses: Boston Center, submitted by Szymon P. Boston Center, submitted by Nathan R. Boston Approach, submitted by Mateo R. Boston Approach, submitted by Alexander I. Boston Ground/Tower, submitted by Cameron P. Statistics: From StatSim, sorted by number of arrivals. (Note: due to a VATSIM datafeed outage, stats may be incomplete and there is no SimAware recap or hourly arrival rate information available.) KBOS Departures: 121. Arrivals: 145. Max hourly AAR: 36. KLGA Dep
  9. Keep working TOward those radar goals. Nice job.
  10. Read the February Logan Informer to read the full survey results and find out which simulator platform is the most popular.