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  1. Friendly reminder: VATSIM is asking pilots who do not have a slot to avoid flying transatlantic. Please see this post on the VATSIM forums for more details. If you don't have a slot, Boston will be staffed beginning just after 7:30am, and welcoming all domestic flights within our airspace/ARTCC and in the region. We hope you'll join us on October 30, beginning at 8am ET, whether or not you're planning to make the full trek across the ocean.
  2. I'm proud to say that fellow Canadian Mitch Monette (ME) has just passed his final OTS and is now BVA's newest Center controller! The culmination of 22 months of training in our community, Mitch's Center certification is the final chapter of instructor-led training in our airspace, and authorizes him to manage our entire airspace on his own. The Boston Center certification usually takes between 18-24 months to achieve, with countless hours spent both on the network and in self-study. Within these last two years, Mitch has put in more than 500 hours as a controller on the network gaining experience and working some of the busiest positions in our largest events. What isn't shown in those statistics are the hours of preparation, exam-taking, and training that happens in the "sweatbox" behind the scenes. As you may know, Mitch joined our community as a visitor from New York Center on January 4, 2020. Do you remember January, 2020? WINGS was called PRP. Going for groceries was a chore, not the only thing you got to do that week. And Mitch was beginning his controlling career here with a 100% score on his SOP Exam, a trend that would continue throughout his training. Comments about being "well prepared" and ready for each session are found throughout his training reports. Fortunately for us, he saw the light and elected to transfer to make Boston his home facility in May, 2020, then joined our training staff as a Mentor on November 29 of the same year. He has steadily progressed through the varied levels of training to achieve this coveted final certification just a few moments ago. Congratulations Mitch - enjoy the license to learn!
  3. Glad you didn't CoP out of that pun! Nice job CP. Even if you have the someone else's name and someone else's initials.
  4. All pilots flying Cross the Pond: please review our Pilot Brief prior to departure. The brief is attached to this post. As with previous events, VATSIM has asked pilots who were not issued a booking/slot to avoid flying transatlantic. We welcome pilots to fly domestic routes into and out of Boston. We also expect coverage at our satellite airports like Bradley (KBDL). If you were not given a booking, please consider domestic routes to and from any airport that is staffed within Boston Center! You can link other people to this post/page using the URL: www.bvartcc.com/ctp. CTP East 2021 Pilot Brief.pdf
  5. Enjoy some celebratory Kraft Dinner! (Look it up.)
  6. Read more about FlightSimExpo, including how you can still get access to 20+ hours of content for the show, in our October Logan Informer.
  7. BI GOLLY HE'S DONE IT! Congrats buddy.
  8. Read more about next week's Boston Tea Party in the September Logan Informer.
  9. That is a very ConfUsing thread title.
  10. Congratulations to our 2021 prize winners! Philip had the winning hand with a Full House, followed by two fluhes. The full list of winners: Philip - choice of Orbx product Frederick - choice of Orbx product Chad - choice of Orbx product Patrick - A2A Comanche for Prepar3D Brian - Gaya Simulations' KBID for MSFS Chris - Subscription to TheFlyingFabio on Twitch Brant - SR22 for X-Plane Bobby - Parallel 42's The Skypark Matt - Subscription to TheFlyingFabio on Twitch Owen - Subscription to TheFlyingFabio on Twitch Thanks to the many pilots who participated!
  11. You people are stealing so MAny of my puns...MA GAWD!
  12. Boston Tea Party 2021 August 7, 12-7pm ET Timelapses: Boston Center, submitted by Arvid H. Boston Approach, submitted by Cameron P. The Cape, submitted by Benjamin M. A Pilot's Screenshots, submitted by Mateo R. Boston Tower, posted on Reddit Statistics: From StatSim. KBOS Departures: 167. Arrivals: 180 (average AAR: 26, max AAR 39). KPVD Departures: 44. Arrivals: 45. KBDL Departures: 53. Arrivals: 58. KACK Departures: 48. Arrivals: 34. KMVY Departures: 11. Arrivals: 10. KMHT Departures: 22. Arrivals: 35. KPWM Departures: 25. Arrivals: 27. KBGR Departures: 22. Arrivals: 9. KSYR Departures: 27. Arrivals: 22. KALB Departures: 32. Arrivals: 31. KBTV Departures: 24. Arrivals: 20. Poker Participants: 39 Pilots 299 cards drawn SimAware:
  13. Thanks to the 40 pilots who competed in Tea Party Poker during yesterday's event! I haven't had the chance to collect feedback with the controllers yet; hopefully everything went smoothly. Over the next few days, I'll touch base with the volunteers who were on-site to get results and then start emailing the winners. Normally, the first-place winner has to pick their choice of prize before I can move on to the next-place winner, so it may take me a few days to get through to everyone. Once the winners have been established, I'll post an update to the thread and let everyone know the full results!