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  1. Regional Circuit (KBOS and KPWM) July 28, 8-11pm ET Timelapses: Boston Approach, submitted by Nathan R. Statistics: From StatSim. KBOS Departures: 49. Arrivals: 23. KPWM Departures: 22. Arrivals: 33.
  2. As is tradition, we welcome all pilots to participate in Tea Party Poker during event hours! This year, anyone participating will have the chance to win prizes from A2A Simulations, Gaya Simulations, Orbx, TheFlyingFabio, and TorqueSim Aircraft Development. What is Tea Party Poker? Tea Party Poker is a fun game that gives pilots a chance to win some some terrific prizes from our event sponsors! While there is absolutely no requirement to participate in Poker, it's become an annual tradition that many of the pilots take part in. If you choose to participate i
  3. You know what they say about poor workmen blaming their tools...
  4. Are you Completely Plastered or have you not figured out that Is not the way to mention @Evan Cooper?
  5. Sounds good! Also... @Cameron Peterson is this some kind of a meme or do you literally not know how to tag people?
  6. Read the July Logan Informer for information on Tea Party, FlightSimExpo, and more!
  7. There is a 25% chance I might be able to drop by. Curious if anyone else from our community is attending.
  8. For some months, it's felt like we've all been "going through the motions" for FlightSimExpo. 2020 is canceled. 2021 is postponed to September. Will vaccines be effective? Will they open California? Will exhibitors come... Well, finally, it's starting to feel like the run-up to a show again. Tomorrow, we're going to announce the first 25+ confirmed sponsors and exhibitors, all of whom plan to attend in person. And while we know a September FlightSimExpo is a little unusual, I know our first pilot and controller community get-together in more than two years is going to be memorable.
  9. Congratulations to Jeff Marcotte (MC) for a successful Class B Tower OTS! Helicopters, VFR arrivals, a pesky Delta aircraft who refused to fly the SID, and other challenges kept things interesting, but we got it all done. Well done Jeff!
  10. Keep an eye on those Initial Altitudes! Nice job, IA.