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  1. We need your help to vote KBOS as a departure airport for Cross the Pond 2019 Eastbound! Voting is open until September 21. To vote: Go to vats.im/ctp. Click 'Login' at the top, and login using your VATSIM CID and password. Once logged in, click 'Vote' at the top of the page. Select Boston as your departure airport, choose an arrival field, and click "Submit Vote". Cross The Pond is VATSIM's largest event; thousands of pilots and controllers get together to fly and control it. The event will be held on October 26, beginning at 1100z (7am ET). Virtually the entire east coast of the U.S. is typically staffed along with western Europe and Oceanic ATC. But we need your help: we'll only be selected as a departure field if we get the votes for it. Vote now and help ensure we are selected as one of the U.S. departure airports for the event.
  2. Evan Reiter


    Hi Claude, Just install the latest version of vPilot from the website: http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Download. You'll be able to locate the server then. By the way, you're a member so you don't have to post as a guest. Use the "Sign In" button and the VATSIM CID and password so you can access the forums as a member. That will also authorize you for the rest of the website, including the TeamSpeak information.
  3. They haven't given a release date, although they are targeting a release before Cross the Pond, so that would imply it will happen soon. When the new codec is released, it will replace the current sound system and yes, will become the new norm. Except for special events like the one we held this week, BVA/ZBW controllers won't be staffing on the AFV beta server or using the new codec. And, at this time, we don't have any events scheduled using the new software.
  4. Dave, have you tried running the AFV program "as administrator"?
  5. We will begin notifying winners starting next week.
  6. Save the date! FlightSimExpo 2020 will be held on June 12-14 at Tropicana Las Vegas. As was the case in 2019, a limited number advance registration tickets will be available for just $50 (increasing to $70 once these are sold out). You can join the FSExpo mailing list to be notified when tickets go on sale later this year. For more information about FSExpo 2020, check out this recent FSElite article or visit FlightSimExpo online or on social media. Boston Virtual ARTCC is a proud supporter of FlightSimExpo, and many of our members volunteer with the conference each year. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!
  7. The Logan Informer is Boston Virtual ARTCC's monthly community newsletter. You can find the current month's edition at http://www.informer.bvartcc.com. Past editions are archived below. 2019: January February March April May June July August September 2018: January February March April May June July August September October November December 2017: January February March April May June July September October November December 2016: January February March April May June July August September October November December 2015: January February March April May June September 2014: January February March April May June July August September October November December 2013: January March April May June July August September October November December 2012: January February March April May June July September October November December 2011: March April May June July August September October November December 2010: February March May June August September October November December 2009: January February March April May June July August September October December 2008: September October December
  8. As part of the ongoing website migration, we have elected to update our membership database and disable the accounts of some members who have not been active online. Over the next few days, we'll begin disabling the accounts of members who have not logged into our website (new or old) within the past year. If you wish to remain part of the community, please complete the following as soon as possible: Click the "Existing User? Sign In" at the top right of this page. Click the blue "VATSIM Sign In" button. Login (note: you will use the same CID and password you use to connect to the VATSIM network). If you have any trouble logging in or are unable to complete the steps above, please email [email protected] Any member with an inactive account will have received an email from us with the instructions above. If you are a regular, active member and have logged into the website in the past year, no action is required. This process will help ensure our membership roster is up-to-date, and will also allow the community to save money. We want to ensure we are using the new email sending service, which will be used to provide you with the Logan Informer and event updates, is only sending emails to those who will benefit from them.
  9. The VATSIM network team is aware of an issue affecting access to weather information within VATSIM. Currently, this also prevents controllers from connecting a textual or voice ATIS using vATIS. Until vATIS and regular METAR functionality returns, please be aware of the implications for pilots you are controlling around the unavailability of weather information, and provide appropriate runway/planning information in a timely fashion. https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=79161#p534489
  10. Thank you to the many members who have taken the time to email, Discord, or provide feedback to us via voice in TeamSpeak. We are excited to finally have a website platform that we have control over. Over the next 1-2 weeks, we will be implementing several bug fixes and minor changes to improve functionality based on your feedback. Stay tuned on this thread and here on our forums where we'll provide more information.
  11. Welcome to our new website and forums! As you've been reading about over the past few months, this launch represents the culmination of hours, days, and weeks of effort by our webmaster Szymon Puzdrowski. Szymon has been working tirelessly, mostly on aspects of the site we as members will never see, but we will take advantage of on an almost daily basis. To do this, he has moved his computer from home to the office, and avoided controlling on the network to get everything done. I hope you will join me in offering thanks to Szymon, and the others on the Administration Team, who have made this new site possible! Please take a few moments to look around and orient yourself to the new site. As of this launch, there are now four main components of the website, all of which are tied together through VATSIM's Single Sign On: The landing page, accessible from www.bvartcc.com. This page is designed for non-member pilots looking for information about our community, and for prospective members who want to join. The main website and forums, where you are now. Before, our website and forums were two separate systems, with separate logins and databases. Now, you're able to access the forums alongside information from the website like events, the ATC Timetable, Pilot Ratings Program flights, downloads, and more -- all in one place. The new technology we have will enable future integrations with Discord and TeamSpeak, too. Project Lindbergh, a new system that streamlines air traffic control training. Controllers will be able to request training, view progress, and submit test corrections all through the new system. Controllers should check their email for more information about this component of the website. FlyBVA, where you can find a live map showing flights across the ARTCC, charts, and more. Beginning today, you'll be able to login to all four of these systems using your VATSIM credentials: the same information you use to login to the VATSIM network or website. Once you have been authenticated through VATSIM's Single Sign On, you'll have full access to the website if you are a BVA member. You will no longer need a BVA Username or unique/BVA password for access. (Please note: we have migrated user accounts from our old forums. If you didn't have a forum account, or you haven't logged into our old forums within the past year, you'll need to reclaim your account. Information on how to do this is available when you click the "Sign In" button.) Using newer technology has also allowed us to transition our website and forums off the ISP that has been providing hosting services for many years. This will result in much less website and forum downtime than we have had in the past. As you can imagine, converting the many existing forum posts, users, and website content was a large undertaking. We know there will be some bugs that need fixing, a few items we still need to clean up over the next couple of days. The current list of known issues includes: We are still in the process of transitioning information and sign-ups for events (like the Regional Circuit) to the new website. This will be available in the coming days. The Pilot Timetable was not something we could convert directly to the new system. In our recent review of underused aspects of the community, it was identified that the Pilot Timetable receives very little usage from our existing members. (By comparison, the ATC Timetable, which has been migrated, is used almost daily.) As a result, we have elected not to convert the Pilot Timetable at this time. We encourage members to use Discord and TeamSpeak to coordinate group flights. We're happy to look at the addition of a Pilot Timetable again if members identify this as a feature they would like to see restored. Controllers are currently not able to submit Pilot Safety Reports. These will be added to the Lindbergh portion of the website in the coming days. The Notification Setting "send me news and information" does not actually do anything, nor will unchecking it unsubscribe you from the community. We are working on removing this setting. We will update this list as additional issues are identified. Because of the change in domains, we expect there to be several URLs and links that are no longer pointing to the correct place...and we're hoping you can help find them! As a thank you, the member who finds the most broken URLs on our website will win a prize of their choice from the Boston Tea Party prizes (these include items from Aerosoft, HiFi, Orbx, QualityWings, RealityXP, REX Simulations, and Thrustmaster). Please see this post for more information. In addition, we recommend you take a moment to edit your profile and (if you wish) include a cover and avatar photo. You can view this information by hovering over your name in the top right corner of the forums, and choosing the "Profile" link. You can also check your "Account Settings" (accessible from the same menu) to set your signature and choose notification and other preferences. We look forward to your feedback on the new website! This site is much more adaptable to changes than we have had in the past. Issues, changes, things you like -- please, post here so we can continue to build a website and forum system that will serve the community for years to come.
  12. As discussed on the forums and in the July Logan Informer, we are in the process of launching a new website and forum system for the community. To support the transition, the existing forums will be offline beginning tomorrow (June 29). The main website (www.bvartcc.com) will be offline beginning Sunday, June 30. We expect the new website and forums to be live by the end of the day on Monday, July 1. During the website migration process, you may be able to access portions of the new and old website. However, some features and links will be unusable. You will receive an email once the system is online and stable. For members who have an active forum account, your information will be transitioned over to the new system, allowing you to login seamlessly using your existing VATSIM CID and password. For those who don't, information about how to register for the new website will be sent to your BVA member email address. If you have any questions, please connect with us on Discord or TeamSpeak, or email [email protected]

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We are a free, immersive, and realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We provide air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. We are not affiliated with the FAA, or the real-world Boston Center facility.

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