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  1. Congratulations to Bradley Clinton (CT), who completed his Class B Tower OTS today. Now he'll be able to work more than just the Connecticut airport that's named after him. Typically one of the most difficult exams to pass, this new certification allows him to wreak havoc on pilots work Boston Tower and eventually to start training to crunch metal in the air, not just on the ground for radar/Approach work. I threw everything at him, from GDPs at KJFK to TCAS RA go arounds so we at least know he'll be ready to handle the next ZNY event, even if @Austin Cirulli is working A90.
  2. The post above was made on July 3 but because it required admin approval, it's only become visible now. Eric, for future reference, the best way to notify us of fly-ins and/or ATC staffing requests would be [email protected] That email goes directly to our Events Coordinator, who can assist in passing information to our controllers. Of course, we generally need a few days' notice if you'd like us to provide staffing specific to an event you plan to hold. Nothing wrong with also posting on the forums but, as you can see, only members have access to direct-post content.
  3. Evan Reiter


    The models are generally compatible. We are working on an installer for v5 that we hope to release in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the FLAi Facebook page for updates.
  4. Read more about Boston Tea Party 2020 and other community news in the July Logan Informer.
  5. We made the decision not to include it in the package because it's not a realistic/real-world airplane. Although I know several people choose to fly it on VATSIM, the general model for FLAI has been to include only real-world callsigns, aircraft, liveries, etc. For example, the team regularly removes airlines that are no longer in operation. I also believe they had trouble finding a low poly Concorde model that could have been used as part of the package. Generally, if we are going to add a model to FLAi, it can't be one that you would fly in the sim; it needs to be a low poly model to avoid negatively impacting frames.
  6. He'd better watch it, or he'll find out not all Canadians are as nice as we're cracked up to be. Oops, sorry, did I say that out loud? Welcome MF!
  7. We generally don't staff KBOS unless it's advertised as part of the event. Because so many network pilots fly jetliners, it's hard to attract enough traffic at airports like PVD, MHT, and BDL when there is also top-down coverage at KBOS. Of course, as Alfonso says, there will typically be enough coverage available at KBOS, from either Center or Boston Approach, so you can complete PRP flights requiring Class B clearances. Where possible, we always recommend doing PRP flights in and around the controlled airports, even if they deviate from the original scripts. Of course, there's no other place to do the KBOS VFR helicopter procedures. But PRP VFR 5 would certainly be possible (we would probably accept something like PVD to MHT, with a stop at an uncontrolled along the way). And, many of the PRP IFR flights, including IFR 1-4, could easily be adapted for this airspace.
  8. Hi Tom, Yes, you're required to join the community if you wish to access the PRP materials and fly the program. It's free to join; all you need to do is complete a short exam and tell us about why you want to join. For more: www.bvartcc.com/welcome
  9. There is nothing against changing the time of day; you're certainly welcome to do so. I'm not sure what most people are doing these days but ATC wouldn't even know what your time of day settings are so whatever light you choose to fly in makes no difference to us. We do simulate real-world weather and time-of-day when it comes to ATC procedures. Realistically, the only places that would affect your flight are: If you are trying to fly a charted visual procedure that is restricted to daylight only (for example, the Harbor Visual Runway 29 at PWM) - shouldn't be a factor for the event airports tonight We won't give line up and wait instructions from an intersection during night (although departures from intersections are still permitted)
  10. Boston Virtual ARTCC is proud to announce the return of Ground School: focused, 1-hour training seminars designed to offer discussion around common virtual aviation topics. The sessions, which will take place in the Member TeamSpeak and Google Meet, are open to all BVA members, with a specific focus on welcoming pilot and newer members into the community. The broader VATSIM pilot community will also be invited to join. Ground School topics include VFR Procedures, Weather, RNAV, Radio Communications, Holds, and much more! The sessions will be hosted by real-world flight instructors and BVA controllers Alec Liberman and Krikor Hajian. The first session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 15 at 8:30pm ET, with sessions continuing weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays as in the schedule below. Recordings of each session will also be published on our YouTube channel for those who are unable to participate in the live discussion. Please join our Member TeamSpeak at 8:30pm ET on July 15 for Ground School. You can find server connection information and a detailed connection guide on our website. 2020 Ground School Topics and Dates Schedule Subject to Change Radio Communications - Wednesday, July 15, 8:30pm ET Weather - Wednesday, July 22, 8:30pm ET VFR Procedures - Wednesday, July 29, 8:30pm ET IFR Clearances - Monday, August 10, 8:30pm ET Oceanic Procedures - Monday, August 17, 8:30pm ET Holds - Monday, August 24, 8:30pm ET Instrument Approach Procedures (Part 1 of 2) - Monday, August 31, 8:30pm ET Instrument Approach Procedure (Part 2 of 2) - Monday, September 7, 8:30pm ET RNAV Procedures - Monday, September 14, 8:30pm ET VATUSA Invitation VATSIM Invitation
  11. Nice job MK! Don't let Jay's backhanded compliments bother you. We've all gotten used to them. After a while you start to like it.

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