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Evan Reiter

Guests: Welcome to the Boston Virtual ARTCC Forums

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The Boston Virtual ARTCC forums are designed as a hub of collaboration between members of the community. Members of BVA can login to the forums to gain full access to forum features, Discord, and more.

Non-members are welcome to explore the publicly-available forum sections, including our events listing and news sections. If you have questions about operating in our airspace, please feel free to Contact Us. We welcome everyone to share comments and suggestions for controllers using our Feedback page.


BVA is a community within VATSIM's global network of pilots and controllers. We provide air traffic control (ATC) within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. In addition, we have an active community of pilots who work with the controllers to create one of the most realistic air traffic control environments available online. BVA is currently accepting applications at www.bvartcc.com.


Read our Letter to Airmen: www.bvartcc.com/lta.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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