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Francis Dube

Wrapping up Project Vector

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The last few months have seen a lot of work completed to bring two separate groups of pilots and controllers together into a new community. This merger has been led by the Project Vector group who held many meetings and committed uncountable numbers of hours to make this happen. The Vector Team would like to thank all members of the community for their patience and support as we worked out the details of this integration.


At this point, we are bringing the Vector Team to a close as we have completed the major pieces of the integration. There will be more projects to come (website, training updates, etc.), but at this point those items will be worked out by the staff that has been selected to lead us forward. Right now there is one staff position to fill, once that is completed there will be another post announcing the full staff of BVARTCC going forward.


The BVARTCC staff will hold regular meetings to make sure that concerns are addressed and that all bases are covered. Any thoughts or concerns that our membership has should be communicated to a staff member so they can be discussed in our bi-weekly meeting.


This transition is truly a first in our hobby, and while there have been bumps in the road I would like to again thank everyone who was involved in Project Vector. From the group making the decisions and churning out hundreds of pages of updated documents, to the controllers and pilots who continued to fly and control while this was all worked out. With that, we are officially closing Project Vector and opening the new BVARTCC effective immediately.


Lets keep this train moving forward with the quality of controlling and piloting we are known for by providing the best service possible with the most time online. Our next big group project is Cross the Pond, planning meetings begin this weekend for the event on 10/24. I look forward to planning and controlling it with all of you.


Francis Dube

BVARTCC Air Traffic Manager


Francis Dube (DB)



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Guest John Girard

Hope you are all proud of the difficult task you have accomplished.  Quite an achievement!

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Having been part of the BVATC Administration before Project Vector started with the merger, I want to salute the great success that is now bringing new opportunities and enjoyment to our new community.


We have reached new altitudes "in blurring the line between virtual flying and reality".


I'm very grateful for all the work accomplished! I will continue to offer my complete collaboration.


Thank you so much!  :)

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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Be advised that the Administration Team has made the decision to archive the 'Project Vector' sub-forum. Anyone looking to access any topics, posts, or information which was previously in the Project Vector sub-forum may make a request to administration.


Thank you,


  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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