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  1. Ain't that the truth. Lol. Congrats on officially finishing your formal controller training, PI! Everything Jay said is extremely accurate. I still find myself learning things while controlling Center even though I've been doing it for years now - and that's the way it should be! Never stop taking the opportunity to learn and, as always, we'll be here if you have any questions.
  2. Proud of you, Ginge! Thank you for everything.
  3. Why is WN capitalized in the title when his OIs are WG? Congrats though!
  4. Congrats, Dylan! And thanks for sharing that X-Plane scenery link in the other thread - awesome!
  5. Congrats! I have No Doubt that you are going to be a great addition to the team. See you on the scopes.
  6. I'm glad you appreciate this! These events are the ultimate flight simulation because pilots experience some realistic delays and holds from time to time :D

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