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M. B. Ingersoll


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Well, I had great plans to fly a new airplane to the event from "outside" with an arrival about 15 to 20 mins into the event (KWRI to KSYR).  I was gonna follow that with a run to KMHT.


But I had some real problems adjusting the weight and balance and, when I had it about right, FSX crashed - something that rarely (knock on wood) happens to me.  Well, that was annoying.  Got set again, took off (no ATC) and probably within a mile of departure, I'd augured in almost immediately after engaging the ALT hold.  It was set for FL240 but the aircraft started descending almost immediately.  Lesson learned.


Start number three - got some altitude under me before engaging the ALT hold. The newness of the airplane did keep it interesting for me, but the controllers were great, granted my request and I had an uneventful landing.  I'd like to have done the second leg but I couldn't hang.  Thanks to all our ATCs - I think that was one of (if not THE) most complete coverage I'd seen in an event.

----M B Ingersoll

----FAA Retired

----ZFW 1984-2008

----USAF 1973-1983

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