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Guest george bruton

Flight for the fight a bust......

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Guest george bruton

I have to say I am pretty bummed about the lack of participation I was able to contribute to this great event and cause. Every flight I attempted somehow just fell apart....I never have any real issues with FSX but for some reason this weekend every and all things tried to keep me from flying.


Friday.....Very excited about the event even made arrangements to work from home. Log in around 11pm do a short flight in a prop just to get warmed up everything goes smooth. Next flight in the jet and im ready to start breaking necks... had a list of airports I was going to hit was planning on flying until the plane was out of fuel.

Depart KBOS.... bang work phone rings some issue that I could only fix had to log off right then. Hour later start back up get in the air....ring ring....Need you on a conference call..had to log off right then. Every flight Friday I would start would end up with me having to log off or stop right in the middle due to a work issue. Somehow everyone and there mother had a problem that I had the answer for Friday and my phone would not stop ringing.....


Friday night..... Finally, got to get some flight time in at 1am(which was awesome by the way) First flight KACK to KBOS went perfect. (also light visual for 33.. loved it. would really like to fly that more) Landed at KBOS shut down...refiled to go back out and the plane somehow has flight control surface issues. Now, I am all about some challenges once and awhile and I will set up a failure just to change it up and have some fun. But, this time it just frustrated me I tried everything to figure out and fix the problem... even re calibrated my joystick (3x) with no avail. So out of desperation to fly I departed to KMVY hoping the autopilot would keep the plane in control....which by some act of FSX it did. Landing created a whole new challenge which was fun but was not something I wanted to have to deal with the rest of the night. And by the sound of centers exhausted voice I did not want to create any more challenges then he was already facing with a good amount of early morning traffic....called it a night.


Saturday Day....Attempt number three. First, problem which I never had happen before was comm issue. For whatever reason my headset would not pick up ATC communication....Sound for FSX worked fine but I just could not hear anyone....shutdown FSX and restarted it (twice) issue resolved. Finally get another flight going and midway through the FMC keeps loosing the flightplan and needs to be reset. (Another issue that has never happened before) After loading the flightplan twice and it still pulling up a error I requested from ATC vectors landed and shutdown for the day.


Saturday Night....Excited to fly once again in the early morning hours... Depart KACK for KBOS...Good amount of traffic online everything is going fine. Center has me switch over to KBOS tower for clearance to land on 33L..... Internet goes on the frtiz and lags to the point the communication with tower is being sent back to me a million miles a hour trying to catch up. After landing I can not even understand towers taxi instructions except Left on 22R.. so I informed tower of what we where going to do went to the gate shut down and reset the router in hopes it would fix the issue... Log back in setup the next flight call for clearance. Communication is still so broken up I figure it is not even worth attempting so I call it a night watch some netflix....bust.


Overall the flights I did get to participate in where awesome. It was really cool to be able to log on at anytime and see a serious amount of flightplans and BVA members getting involved in something great... I really wish I could of done more.



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