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Evan Reiter

Assistance with Content and Distribution of BVA's Logan Informer

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The Logan Informer is Boston Virtual ARTCC's monthly newsletter. The newsletter, released on the 1st of each month, contains news, events, and updates from the community. Historically, the Informer has been delivered to members via a .pdf attachment in an email. Previous versions of the Logan Informer are posted on our website.


As a result of Project Vector, fewer than normal issues of the Logan Informer have been available this year. However, as things return to normal, we'd like to re-initiate the newsletter starting on December 1. At this time, we'll also be switching to a new format, using a web-based email with links to forum posts instead of the static .pdf that has been sent out in the past.


In support of re-launching the Logan Informer, the administration team is seeking a volunteer to help with some content generation as well as the distribution of the newsletter. The job would involve:

  • Reaching out to individuals around the middle of the month to request content
  • Editing all content received
  • Developing a maximum of 1 article per month (some months will not require any) "from the administration"
  • Combining all articles together into the email template for release

I would estimate the time commitment to be approximately 3-5 hours per month, with most of those hours falling toward the end of each month, and with the occasional month requiring a bit of extra effort (e.g., large events, special updates, etc.).


If you are interested in volunteering your time with the community, have strong attention to detail, write well, and ideally have access to web-based photo and editing tools (not required), please apply to [email protected], or find me in person.





Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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