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Clif Whitten

VATSIM Connexion (Global Conference) in London, UK

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Forwarded at the request of VATUSA.




The organisers of Connexion 2017 are pleased to announce the first confirmed programme items for the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2017. In addition to the below, we have several more talks planned and will announce them when confirmed over the coming weeks. (In no particular order)



The fantastic SimFest team who own and operate a 747 simulator raising money charity each year as participants of World Flight will bring a no-doubt entertaining segment in our event as they explain how they constructed their simulator and how they manage to raise such an incredible amount of money each year.



We have a confirmed presentation from AeroNav to update us on their Global Nav Generator project.


Cross the Pond

Several members of the central planning team for the Cross the Pond will provide a behind the scenes glimpse at the planning, logistics and execution of the busiest weekends of the VATSIM event calendar.


Network Supervisors

There will be a talk on becoming a Supervisor and how the role of the Supervisor is changing on the network in the present day.


SWIFT Pilot Client

We will hear from the development team of the Swift Pilot Client, who will provide an update for us on the progress of this project and their visions for the future.


Workshop: Flight Planning using PFPX

Run by Vincent Stuart from BAVirtual, who’ll provide us some time to discuss and explain the intricacies of flight planning using PFPX; walking you through the steps to get from the dispatch office to the North Atlantic Track.


Panel Discussion: Pilot Training

The pilot rating system, pilot training schemes and reflections from ATO’s, we hope to have Vice President Pilot Training Divya Patel joining us for this discussion.


Panel Discussion: Events on VATSIM

The evolving world of VATSIM events; including the increase of in-person events in addition to the well-established virtual ones. We’re lucky enough to be able to welcome Matthew Bartels from VATUSA who’ll provide a balance between the differences and similarities between the North American Region and Europe.


Panel Discussion: Board of Governors

Your chance to pitch ideas, ask questions and generally get to know some of the members of the Board of Governors and find out how their role fits into making VATSIM tick.


Please note: this is not a definitive list other content will be added in the coming weeks and may be subject to alteration without notice. We are currently in talks with several major companies in our community to attend this event.


We have an FAQ section on the event website. If you can't find an answer to your query, post your question in the discussion thread or email us at [email protected].


(Note: This post is informational only to advertise VATSIM's Global Convention in London and does not preclude any VATUSA Facility from scheduling a on-network event on these days.)

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