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Camden Bruno

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I want to take the time to express our thanks, as an Administration Team, to each and every member of Boston Virtual ARTCC, VATUSA, and VATSIM.


We're thankful that we have the ability to share our passion and hobby with others.

We're thankful for the network, VATSIM, that enables us to connect with each other to enjoy and practice what we love.

We're thankful for the people that we've met and the lifelong friendships we've formed through this community.

We're thankful for those who volunteer their time to make this community a better place.

We're thankful for YOU, the dedicated and enthusiastic members of Boston Virtual ARTCC.


On a bigger note,


We're thankful for our families, friends, and loved ones.

We're thankful for those who are not able to be home today because they are keeping us safe as first responders, soldiers, etc.

We're thankful to be as lucky and blessed as we are. In warm homes, having the ability to read this post on a personal computer just before stuffing your stomach with plenty of food. Many around the world are not as fortunate as us.


I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and healthy holiday with the ones you love. And at the end of the day, let that tryptophan kick in and catch some z's!


Happy (American) Thanksgiving!


  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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