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Evan Reiter

Current and Future Changes to VATSIM FSD Servers

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From Matt Bartels on the VATSIM forums:



Last weekend VATSIM began the next phase of modernizing its network infrastructure. This phase involves changes to our FSD servers, which are the servers you choose when connecting to VATSIM on your pilot and controller clients. When completed, users will no longer have to select a VATSIM server when connecting to the network. Instead you will be connected to the best server for your area automatically. You will simply enter your credentials and connect.


Accomplishing this task requires the retirement of some of our legacy FSD servers which have served us faithfully for years. As these servers come offline, you may have to select another server until we have full implementation of the new technology. 


We understand that best practice has been for users to select the lowest ping server, however this advice has its roots back when VATSIM was created and operated technically in a different way to how it does today. As our current technology only sends position updates across the network once every 5 seconds and voice data is transmitted via an entirely different set of servers, a larger ping value is of no concern to current network operations. You will continue to have the same VATSIM experience that you have today. 


As we go through this transformation in our network infrastructure, you can find the status of the network at https://network-status.vatsim.net/. Should you encounter difficulties connecting to VATSIM you can always email network-report[at]vatsim.net for assistance.


While change is hard and we love our current FSD servers, this is a necessary step to modernize VATSIM’s network. These changes will lead not only to an easier sign on process for our users, but also allow for the implementation of faster position updates, leading to a better experience for all!





Evan Reiter

Community Director
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