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Evan Reiter

Happy April Fool's Day from Boston Virtual ARTCC

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No, we don't have a new policy banning livestreaming. And it's true, we love cats! Happy April 1 from your friendly neighborhood A-Team members.







Boston Virtual ARTCC Announces New Streaming Policy

By: Josh Nunn


Boston Virtual ARTCC has been carefully evaluating the use of Twitch and other streaming platforms by BVA members. Although it may appear that streaming is a harmless way of engaging with the community, we have found that the presence of a stream audience has been causing numerous distractions. This has led to pilot deviations, poor quality of air traffic control, and an unacceptable increased appreciation for cats within the community.

Therefore, effective today (4/1/21), Boston Virtual ARTCC will no longer allow streaming on Twitch or any other platform while flying or controlling within ZBW airspace.

For pilots, if you are streaming your flight, you’ll be asked to either disconnect from the network or temporarily pause your stream while in our airspace. 

For controllers, this means that you may not livestream or record any ATC session. In addition, should you suspect that a pilot flying in your airspace is streaming, you should ask them to either end their stream or start a new flight in another facility’s airspace. 

In addition, effective today, Jamsheed Lovelace (also known as 'sh3ed' on Twitch) has resigned from his position as Training Administrator. Sadly, he will also be transferring to another facility. The reasons for his transfer are unknown. We would like to thank Jay for his years of dedicated service to Boston Virtual ARTCC and wish him best of luck with his future endeavors.




Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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