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Evan Reiter

Callsign Changes at New York Approach (VATSIM)

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We've been advised by our neighbors at New York ARTCC that approach controllers will be logging in with different callsigns beginning April 15. The change is intended to make it easier for pilots to understand which facility they are speaking to. 


For two decades, New York Approach controllers have been using callsigns like "NY_CAM_APP". In an effort to make it easier for pilots to understand which controller to contact, moving forward:


  • When a controller is combining airports, they will use "NY_APP" or "NY_DEP". This could mean the controller is operating all three areas (JFK/EWR/LGA) or just two of the three.
  • When a controller is only use one airport (i.e., one of JFK, EWR, or LGA), they will sign in using the airport. For example, a controller covering the JFK area will use JFK_APP instead of NY_CAM_APP. 


As is done today, the controllers will continue to publish the airports/areas they are covering in their "controller information". Remember, because of shift changes and relief, the callsigns may not always precisely match the area a controller is covering. 


For pilots, the best way to determine which airports a New York Approach controller is covering is to check their "controller information". If you are unsure, just ask any of the nearby controllers and we'll point you to the correct place.


For more information, see the Virtual New York ARTCC website.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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