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[04 Sep 2022 03-06pm ET] The Shuttle Run

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Launched in 1980 by Texas Air Corporation, then acquired by Pan Am in 1986, and finally picked up by Delta Air Lines in 1991, the “Shuttle” between New York’s LaGuardia and Boston airports is one of the most popular routes in the Northeast with flights on the hour between the two cities.

Head over to the Northeast Corridor and catch a flight between these two cities! We have complimentary slot times and free snacks! With a flight time of only 45 minutes (not including all the delays on the ground…), it’s bound to be a great afternoon on one of the most iconic city pairs in the United States!

Event Fields: KBOS & KLGA
Date & Time: September 4th 2022, 3:00pm → 6:00pm (1900z - 2200z)

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