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[06 Nov 2022 12-04pm ET] Bradley Bash: Bradley Bash 2022!

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Join the controllers and frequent pilots of the Boston ARTCC for an evening in Connecticut. The focus is on the Y90 Bradley TRACON area, including KORH, KHFD, KCEF, KBAF, and of course KBDL. We'll be staffing up the facility from 1700 - 2100Z. All types of traffic are welcome across the area and the entire ARTCC, be it your local flying club doing some VFR, your VA operating scheduled flights, or just a fun little jaunt in your Cessna from point A to point B, we'll be turning up the heat for our controllers and shooting for a busy Sunday afternoon.

November 6, 2022 12-4pm ET {06 Nov 2022 1700-2100z}

It’s also a great time to try out one of our WINGS flights. Remember, many of the flights have published Alternate Airports, allowing you to earn your BVA pilot ratings at event airports!

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