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[20 Jan 2023 07-11pm ET] Friday Night Ops: 2023 Northeast Corridor FNO

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The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is one of the busiest, most complex, and economically vital transportation systems in the world connecting eight states and the District of Columbia. Carrying over 2,200 daily trains, including Amtrak, commuter and freight trains, the NEC is the nation’s most congested rail corridor and is among the highest volume rail corridors in the world. Along with rail travel, the Northeast United States also includes some of the most complex and congested airspace in the National Airspace System (NAS). The FAA has introduced Northeast Corridor Atlantic Coast Routes (NEC ACR) project back in 2019, which is designed to reduce delays and improve efficiencies for traffic to and from the Florida Metroplex along the East Coast. New and amended Q and Y Routes will replace the north-south high-altitude route structure by transitioning to Performance Based Navigation-Centric NAS thus decreasing the reliance on ground-based NAVAIDs. The final implementation of the routes is expected on April 20th, 2023. More information on the NEC ACR project can be found here.

To highlight this closely integrated airspace, Virtual New York ARTCC, Washington Virtual ARTCC, and Boston Virtual ARTCC have teamed up to host our 9th annual Northeast Corridor FNO on January 20th, 2023! Join us from 7-11pm ET {2359-0400z} for rush hours of volume and traffic initiatives to keep the congested airspace balanced and manageable. We'll be fully staffing Washington-National (DCA), New York - LaGuardia (LGA), and Boston-Logan (BOS) airports.  Come visit some of the best airports the Northeast has to offer!

Event Date: Friday, January 20, 2023
Event Time: 1900-2300 ET {2359-0400Z}

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