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[29 Jun 2023 08pm-11pm ET] Minor Facility Showcase: AeroDesigns’ Portland Jetport Giveaway presented by Flight Simulation Association

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BVA's Minor Facility Showcase gives pilots the opportunity to experience one of our minor airports. Local and overlying air traffic controllers will be providing service for those looking to explore the area, practice instrument approaches, arrive from afar, or just remain in the pattern. With a single focus-airport, this is the perfect opportunity to experience being sequenced at a busier airport with both IFR and VFR arrivals.


This week's event features the controlled airport of Portland Jetport (KPWM), in Portland, Maine. This scenic coastal city offers great views along the shoreline, a fun charted visual approach, and is just a short flight from Bar Harbor (KBHB) and Acadia National Park.


We are excited to partner with Flight Simulation Association to offer an exciting giveaway opportunity with this event. Back on March 17th, AeroDesigns released their much anticipated KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In partnership with FSA, we are holding a shortest landing competition on Runway 18. Pilots who wish to participate must request the RNAV or Visual Approach to Runway 18 on initial check-in with current ATIS information, current altitude, and if necessary, altitude descending to. It would sound like this, "Portland Approach, N42G, 12,500, descending to cross SCOGS at 11,000, with ATIS Alpha, Request Runway 18." This will give the Approach controller the proper information to help get you sequenced in for the competition runway.


If pilots do not request the appropriate competition runway, they will be sequenced to the standard flow and not be eligible. Pilots wishing to participate must complete the Pilot Entry Form, this will help track down and distribute the Winner(s) copy of the AeroDesigns' KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport scenery. Pilots shall use clear weather as to not circumvent the good faith of the competition. Pilots will be entered into a pool based on the taxiway exit they vacate from on Runway 18. Runway 18 will be utilizing Land and Hold Short Operations with an available landing distance of 3,100 feet. Pilots will be disqualified for any non-ATC initiated go-arounds or missed approaches, as well as, failure to hold short of Runway 11/29. Additional disqualifiers and a full list of event rules can be found here

It’s also a great time to try out one of our WINGS flights. Remember, many of the flights have published Alternate Airports, allowing you to earn your BVA pilot ratings at event airports!

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