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[08 Oct 2023 01pm-04pm ET] Crossfire: Boston & New York - A Tale of Two Cities

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Four score and seven years ago – sorry, wrong speech. However, the cities of Boston & New York are no stranger to some of the most important moments in our nation’s history. Whether it be the Boston Tea Party or the iconic scenes of Woodstock, something has always been happening. And now, it’s time for something new to go down in the history books - a monumental crossfire event!

For 3 glorious hours, the Virtual New York ARTCC & Boston Virtual ARTCC will join forces once again for continuous coverage of Boston (KBOS) and Kennedy (KJFK). Whether you fly between these two magnificent airports or set out for a transatlantic flight, we assure you that our teams will give you a performance for the ages!

Event Fields: KBOS & KJFK
Date & Time: Sunday, October 8th, 2023, 1:00pm → 4:00pm Eastern (1700z-2000z)

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