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Evan Reiter

Taxiway Changes at KBOS - Temporary Procedures for Pilots & Controllers

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The most recent FAA Airport Diagram for KBOS added 'T' as a turnoff from Runway 33L and removed portions of Taxiway 'F'. We recognize it will take time for simulator software to reflect the changes. Additionally, Runway 33L is closed (in real life) for resurfacing until November. 


When landing Runway 33L, pilots are encouraged not to exit on Taxiway 'F', even if it exists within their simulators. 


When using Runway 33L for landing, controllers will:

  • Instruct pilots who exit Runway 33L on 'F' to "cross Runway 22L on Foxtrot", as if the taxiway existed. 
  • Instruct pilots who exit Runway 33L on 'Q' to "join Mike" prior being instructed to cross Runway 22L on 'F', 'C', or another taxiway.
  • Controllers will not instruct aircraft to taxi on the removed portion of 'Q' between Runways 4L/4R. However, if a pilot enters this area, controllers will issue a crossing instruction with reference to 'Q'.

The current and former Airport Diagrams are screenshotted below, and a comparison PDF is attached.










KBOS AD Comparison.pdf



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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