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[06 Apr 2024 07pm-11pm ET] Saturday Night: Honk 5: Dead Geese Honk No More

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Embark on an epic aerial adventure like never before as Boston Virtual ARTCC proudly presents the fifth installment of HONK! In this whimsical journey through the skies, we've seamlessly woven the iconic pirate theme into the tale of the Canadian Geese migration dubed - Dead Geese Honk No More!

Picture yourself on the evening of April 6th, 2024, as virtual aviators gather at event facilities steeped in maritime lore, featuring Boston Virtual ARTCC (ZBW), Washington Virtual ARTCC (ZDC), Virtual Cleveland ARTCC (ZOB), Virtual New York ARTCC (ZNY), Montreal Virtual FIR (ZUL), and Virtual Toronto FIR (ZYZ). Your aircraft becomes your ship, and the skies your vast, uncharted sea. 

As you set sail into the virtual heavens, dressed in your finest pirate aviator regalia, you'll encounter challenges and surprises inspired by the legendary tales of the dead. The storyline deftly intertwines the mystique of pirates with the quirkiness of Canadian Geese, creating an atmosphere of suspense and laughter.

In this skyward odyssey, the thematic link between pirates and our honking companions will keep you on the edge of your cockpit. From evading virtual pirate skirmishes to navigating through "feathered" challenges inspired by the peculiar habits of geese, each twist in the journey promises both excitement and a touch of comedic relief.

The motto of the night is resoundingly clear: "Dead Geese Honk No More" - a playful reminder of the peculiar habits of these majestic creatures and a nod to the cinematic lore of Captain Jack Sparrow. This lively intersection of geese and pirates will add an extra layer of fun and unpredictability to your virtual flight.

The adventure commences at 1900 ET {2300z} with a virtual gathering at the designated control facilites. To avoid undue delays on your expedition, you are asked to balance out your home ports and explore the expansive airspace the Northeast has to offer. Take your virtual ships and soar into the skies, while navigating through challenges and surprises inspired by both pirate tales and the whims of our feathered friends. As the virtual sun sets on this fantastical journey at 2300 ET {0300z}, aviators will land with tales of high-flying adventure and laughter to share.

Join us on April 6th for an evening filled with camaraderie, unexpected twists, and a touch of feathered mischief. Let the combination of pirates and Canadian Geese transport you to a world where the sky is your canvas, and laughter echoes through the clouds. Clear skies, happy honking, and may your virtual wings carry you to the shores of unforgettable memories!

Event Facilities: ZBW, ZNY, ZOB, ZDC, ZUL, ZYZ
Date & Time: April 6th, 2024, 7:00pm → 11:00pm ET {2300z - 0300z}

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