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Evan Reiter

Boston Virtual ARTCC, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

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BOSTON, Georgia – (VATSIM TECH BLOG) – Boston Virtual ARTCC, Inc. (“BVA”) today announced its intention to pursue an initial public offering consisting of an aggregate 1,776 shares and 100 limited edition copies of a special ATC client that includes static text taxiway labels.

The 1,776 shares of Class B common stock, which require an ATC clearance and two-way radio communication to purchase, are being sold by certain embattled aircraft manufacturers at a public offering price of 4 missing bolts per share.

The shares are expected to begin trading on the Presque Isle Stock Exchange on April 1, 2037 (also the expected release date of a certain Boeing 777 for MSFS). Shares will appear under the ticker symbol “WUPUP”. The offering is expected to close on April 31, 2037, subject to TeamSpeak packet loss, customary closing conditions, and facility operating hours. The shares are issued in accordance with Give Checkouts to Achieve Proper controlling, or GCAPc.

BVA Conflict Alert Officer E. Lawn Scent shared the following quote: “We have specifically tailored this offer for those who have no experience in financial services because we know that operating in complex environments without bothering to read basic instructional material will feel very familiar to our target audience.”

Goldring Stark & Co. LLC, N.U. Rankin, and PoX Securities are acting as lead book-running managers for the offering. Cairgroup and Liberman BaNk Securities are acting as joint book-running managers. Citizens Bank Angle, Blakey & Company, Raymond (Samuel) James, VATUSA Academy Securities, KY & Co., Inc., and Dogwoof Advisory Group are acting as co-managers.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy airport securities, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any airport in which such offer, solicitation, or sale would represent a quality escape prior to registration or qualification.

About Boston Virtual ARTCC, Inc.

BVA is the world’s largest provider of air traffic services and talking pillows. The organization’s employee works around the clock to depart approximately 73.261 million aircraft per day, of which a substantial percentage return for a safe landing when crash detection is turned off. Pilots hoping to learn less about aviation, shorten relationships, or procrastinate homework are encouraged to share their credit card information—for free—at [email protected].


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…all this to say: thank you to the many members who heeded our call last month to help support our community. With your support, we are pleased to share that our financial reserves are now in line with previous years. You can see our latest budget here and make a donation here. Happy April Fools!


And please take a moment to read the rest of this month's Logan Informer.



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