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Guest Wenner Massella

Lukla Nepal getaway.

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Guest Wenner Massella

Lets put our flight skills to test. This would be a fun event or a getaway.

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FSX does not simulate sloped runways. If you were to fly into it, you would find a 9,100 ft. flat runway. The surrounding terrain might be fun though, just for the flying challenge.

Erik VanderWerf

Occasional Flyer


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Guest mike taylor

Lukla is a very challenging airport. I have a payware version of it with the correct sloped runway and a twin otter to fly in and out. When i first flew from nepal into lukla I missed really bad. In order to land you need to fly into a valley with no view of the airport and flying below terrain is disorentating. Until you make a right turn next to the ski slopes you dont get to see the runway. All flights are VFR and if the clouds drop you stand no chance. Stunning airport and stunning views but I carnt see how an event would work althought it would be ace to see more flights around Lukla. Also there are only four parking spots and a very limited number of aircraft capable of take off on such a short runway at such high altitute. You will struggle even with a Beach58 to lift off the runway without dropping into the valley although trying makes for some fun flying.

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Guest Jonathan Asher

It's a great challenge, but for one, half the people would crash, and in order to have this work, EVERYONE would have to have Aerosoft's Lukla X. I don't see that as a possibility, though I love the approach :)

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Thank You,


I read that Twin Otter does not have 2d panels. I know most high end aircraft designers are leaving 2d panels out, but

my sim set up is designed for a hands on cockpit with one display for 2d gauges and one large display

for outside viewing.

Being a real life pilot I prefer this set up. Just not a VC kinda guy.

But it seems I will missing out on some great aircraft.

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Just because you're a "real life pilot" doesn't mean anything. That's a personal preference then. I fly in real life myself, as a student granted, but I prefer the VC to 2D. 2D looks like crap.

Dan P.

Private Pilot - ASEL

KHVN - Tweed-New Haven/KOXC - Waterbury-Oxford

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I agree that VC looks a lot better than 2D. I am just saying that having to press a button to look around to scan

some of my instruments is not my thing. As in real life I like to tilt my head down and scan them. So I decide

to go with dual monitors. Yes it is a preference. But after 20 plus years of flying and only using flight sim for 4 or

5 years it is hard for me to view it thru VC. I was only trying to state that being a real life pilot has been the driving

factor in my decision. Also my goal is to purchase all the radios and build a dash/panel and make a simulated 172.

Possibly purchasing a projector to project it on a wall to give more of a life size view.

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