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Evan Reiter

KBOS Airport Enhancement Version 4.3 Now Available!

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The final release version of KBOS 4.3 is now available! This update completes the construction on Taxiway "M" and adds the extension of Taxiway "D" to the airport, and improves frame rates on the airport compared with both the full and lite versions of 4.2. As a result, only one version is necessary. A full list of changes and additional information is available in the package.


All members should download and install this new update, even those who were participating in public beta testing. Installation is simple and instructions are provided for you at: http://bostonvirtualatc.com/dnn/portals/0/scenery/. You will be prompted to download all of the files you need. As of today, controllers will begin issuing taxi instructions that will require this updated version of the scenery, so please make sure to install it as soon as practical.


NOTE for PUBLIC BETA TESTERS ONLY. The easiest way to install the scenery is to locate the BVATC_KBOS download from http://www.bostonvirtualatc.com/dnn/KBO ... ation.aspx and replace your FSX Root/Addon Scenery/BVATC_KBOS folder with the downloaded copy.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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Guest treking1

Hi Evan. It is easy to install even for me. So hopefully the rest of the "computer challenged members" will do the same. It looks great

Cheers Claude

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