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Evan Reiter

FlightDesk 1.3 Beta -- Server Crashes

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Now that FlightDesk’s Version 1.2 is the stable version, Bill is hard at work on the next version. Development for FlightDesk 1.3, most of which is happening on the server, has begun. While we won’t be releasing a public/client beta for quite some time, Bill is adding code to the server on a daily basis.


A number of new features on FlightDesk 1.3 beta are extremely experimental in nature and as a result of our testing you may have noticed FlightDesk’s server crash intermittently over the past few weeks (you lose connection to FD and can’t re-connect). The crashes are caused by new features we’re implementing on 1.3 and whenever they occur, we revert back to the stable version of the server until we can see exactly what happened. While we try our best to test all of the changes before we release them, many of the changes that Bill is making for 1.3 can only be tested in a busy environment with multiple aircraft.


Please bear with us if FlightDesk’s server occasionally goes down and you lose connection to FlightDesk. These crashes will not affect your flight or connectivity to FSX. If you notice that you lose connection to FlightDesk only and are unable to re-connect after five minutes, please send Bill or me an e-mail via the Contact Us page of the website so we can get the stable version of the server running again. And when you lose connection, offset your frustration by remembering that Bill is working hard on improvements to one of the best pieces of software ever written for FSX.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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