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Guest trace mitchell

flying southeast alaska

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Guest trace mitchell

for anyone who wants to learn the true ins and outs of flying in to juneau alaska post on the forum im willing to show the different places you will need to call your altitude and how the trafic pattern for small planes and jets works.

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Hi! I wasn't aware procedures were different, but I"m always eager to learn new things! At the very least I love flying! Maybe we can get together some time (I think there's an FBO teamspeak? or Skype?).

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Guest Lucas Kaelin

Might be useful info to have for the upcoming Challenge event for the VFR Challenge....

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Guest Yun Chase

Every year, just prior to the start of the Alaska get away, I post this video just as a reminder that you can land just about anywhere in that state... something you can't do in the lower 48... (unless "E" is declared) :D





Also, I was doing some plane spotting at KBOS last weekend and this is the result... Short of 22R on November:



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