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Evan Reiter

3 Hour Server Time Delay Active

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In order to allow pilots and controllers to participate in sessions that incorpoate some daylight during our peak hours, the server time has been set back to our standard winter 3 hour time delay (i.e. 8pm ET = 5pm Server). This should extend daylight hours into our session's 8-11pm ET peak hours and allow pilots and controllers to enjoy a little extra daylight.


We normally keep a 3 hour time delay throughout the winter and return the server to real time during the summer months.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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Guest James Strauss

Thanks for the notice. I think its an acceptable compromise to the conditions of reality. As an active ground controller I can confirm that sometimes its really difficult to distinguish taxiways in night-time conditions, and as a pilot it can be difficult to negotiate the maze of lights at larger fields. Nocturnal and Diurnal influences on weather conditions may be slightly out of synch with real time, but overall I think its the best choice.

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Guest Bill Serra

Couldn’t agree more. In bad weather or without moonlight it is too easy to miss a turn and step into the grass (or into the bay).


The lighting conditions during sunrise and sunset make the most enjoyable experience. Setting the clock back 3 hours maximizes the conditions for best contrast in luminosity.


Speaking of which, September has the biggest drop in luminosity. Chlorophyll production in plants plummets and, historically, so do the financial markets. Researchers are investigating whether it has anything to do with the mood changes associated with the recycling of serotonin in our brains, which correlates with the seasons. Or it could be one of the many self-fulfilling superstitions that dominate the minds of Wall Street's soothsayers.



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Guest James Strauss

Bill, is that another way of saying that's the reason I sometimes feel like a wilting weed when winter is about to set in? I believe we could learn a lot from the abundance of plant life - if we could just learn how to sufficiently pay proper attention. I'm glad researchers are trying to figure it out, I don't think I would have satisfactory patience. I love good "luminosity," in palatable magnitudes.

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