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Nadre Davani

Hight Altitude or other IFR charts

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ENR_H03.pdf[/attachment:1zo0y2pu]Hello folks, I am a returning pilot after 5 years, currently I am working on my instrument rating I have 380 hours of flights in the past 20 years. I Fly KingAir, Arrow, Cessna 182RG

My Favorite aircraft for SFX is Wilco A330, I also have Avanti by Wilco.


I went to this public link and was able to download the charts I needed For the Denver-Slatlake event. this site has both low and high altitude IFR Charts




The attached file is what I will be using for my high altitude flight.


Looking forward in getting to know as many people and try and provide assets to make this place as good as it gets.

My other skills are Animation for the Aerospace and Engineering.


sample work: http://www.youtube.com/user/virtualnadre

you need flash for this one:http://www.nadre.com/parker/2009

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