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M. B. Ingersoll

Southeast Getaway, 08-17 MAR 2013

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Well, dummy me, I had about an hour or so, so I figured I'd just log into BVA for a quick hop somewhere. Checked the Session List and found ground and approach at KBHM. Printed out some charts from AirNav, filed my FP with FlightDesk and jumped on in. Of course, I did not realize a Getaway Event was in progress. The Ground/CD guy realized I did not have the scenery installed for BHM. Huh? Had to ask him where it was. The patient controller told me to check the EventsGetaway directory and it was then that I discovered my goof. Will remember to check for an active event FIRST, next time. But ground allowed me to continue as there were no other aircraft at the airport at the time. Thanks!


Approach was gone by the time I taxied out so I flew to KGAD IFR on UNICOM then came back VFR. Later in the evening, I jumped back in at KBHM and filed IFR for KATL where Approach was open for the waning hours of the event. As I got close to LGC, I sent a chat to ATL-A asking if he could "see" LGC. He replied it was at the edge of his airspace. He'd just announced moments before that he'd be signing off in ten. Well, knowing I was inbound, he offered to stay open. I warned him I was in a Baron so it might take a while. In true-BVA style, he stayed online until about 2220 EDT which gave him time to vector me for the ILS 26R. And the intercept was perfect; the right heading at an appropriate altitude! Excellent phraseology, too, BTW.


I failed to get the name of the Ground/CD guy who was BHM earlier but you know who you were. I believe the ATL Approach guy was Chris Olmstead (I didn't write it down so forgive any misspelling). I appreciate the extra effort - and the skill.

----M B Ingersoll

----FAA Retired

----ZFW 1984-2008

----USAF 1973-1983

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Mr. Ingersoll: I appreciate the kind remarks, especially when they are coming from a retired real-world controller to a young aviation enthusiast with aspirations for an aviation career. I do my best to provide the most courteous and efficient service to the entire community.


I must say that I had a great time during the Getaway, maybe that's just because I'm from Atlanta, but that's besides the reason. It's nice to move away from the usual focus in Boston and work new airspace. I'm looking forward to what we have in store for the next Getaway. See you in the skies!

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Thanks for the compliments also(I was the BHM_G controller). Like Chris said, it's great to hear positive feedback from a retired controller. I try my best to be patient and calm. You were a great pilot and I'm glad to see you on BVA. Hopefully, I see you in the skies soon and maybe on controller staff right along with us.

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