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Chris Raabe

Min Weather Challenge

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I really had alot of fun with the latest weather challenge tonight. Even though I never broke out and had to go around every time at KACK and had to quit early due to the ball and chain pulling the plug, I still had a blast. I think we need to have stuff like that more often. Flying an ILS day in day out in vfr conditions can get old. Only way to make us better pilots is to challenge us. I think the bad weather thing we should do bi weekly or at least once a month on the RC's. I noticed a lot more participation at the onset from pilots of this than during a normal RC. So in this "humble" pilots opinion I see that as a great sign.


We can fly VFR all the time and thats how we all learn fly. I think the biggest draw for FSX is to fly things we'd never get a chance to and fly in weather we normally wouldn't get to to. So I want to put it to a vote or poll question. Lets do this more often. I noticed even the controllers turned out for it more than the DJ the night before.

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