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Evan Reiter

Community-Wide Discussion on the Future of Flight Simulation

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Please join us for an interactive discussion on FSX as well as the future of flight simulation within our community on Saturday, May 25 at 4pm ET. We'll discuss your opinions on the best possible FSX configuration and discuss some of the other platforms that are available. If you have experience with X-Plane or other Microsoft platforms, we hope you will share it!


We will use a voice platform called TeamSpeak 3 to host the session. The software is available for free http://www.teamspeak.com. Once the program is installed, connect to the server using the information below. Make sure to set your microphone input and transmit key in the Lobby of the server. Please do not use voice activation.


Use the Following Login Credentials:

Nickname: BVA Username - First Name (e.g., Tofutwitch11 - Tom)

Server Address: teamspeak.bostonvirtualatc.com:9989

Server Password: OfficeHours!



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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