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Guest Brad Cutshall

Regional Circuit KMSP -> KDLH

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Guest Brad Cutshall

Ok, so I'm from the midwest and I fly from MSP -> DLH a LOT! I always see different events around the Hawaiian Islands, the rockies, East coast, or the West coast, and here, from the mid-west I would like to share some awesome areas. Its a fun flight and you get to see lake Superior, plus there is a lot of fun uncontrolled airports around KDLH for example KDYT (Sky Harbor) a 3000' runway with a terrible x-wind coming from the lake every time. Plus many controlled airports around KMSP, like KSTP, KSTC, KFCM, etc. I would love it if we did a Regional Circuit from KMSP to KDLH.



Other Options KMSN to KMSP ...


KINL (international falls) to KDLH, international falls has an awesome DME arc on RWY 13 that goes into Canada!


Let me know!

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Guest Nathan McGuire

What about KMSP to international falls. That sounds interesting

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Guest Lucas Kaelin

I think GFK would be a cool place to go into.. and I believe we've done MSP-DLH as a DJ route.

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