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Ernesto Muniz

Oshkosh Challenge Event?

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So lets say we wanted to get some traffic congestion; traffic advisories; maybe some heavy loaded traffic? Well Oshkosh might be the place to go. Just the congestion and the experience you can find in that area, amazing. Anyways, I wanted to propose this to the members to see if we can head back up to Oshkosh. Get the "quiet, no response frequency." Now, for this to happen as a Challenge Event (the route I am planning to take it as) we need traffic. Traffic is what makes Oshkosh the place to fly with tons of quick responses.


If this goes somewhere with everyone agreeing, we could begin discussing some ideas for the event. Thank you, and post your thoughts.

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I love the idea of this. But I dont think we can simulate the tower response of "blue and green 172 wag your wings" on downwind call to get landing sequence. Other than that I am all for this idea. Since it is my goal to fly in there one of these years!

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I think this has been brought up before...worse than the repaint problem is the substitution problem, and then throw in glitching problems on top of that and it can pretty much ruin the event

Devon Hathaway - BVATC Scenery Design  "Cross Devon at or above 4000, cleared for the ILS RWY 9R approach"

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Agreed Devon. But look into the Cross Community Flight (CCF), many aircraft were joined into the server while glitching was a big factor in the spectrum of the event. Looking into the actual roles, very few (on my account) were seen as glitched. So for this Oshkosh Event would most likely be outlined just like the CCF with problems already pre-planned.

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Guest Cameron Laramee

This has been brought up before, and the real problem with it is that we can't do it even remotely realistically. Real Oshkosh controllers visually identify and separate all aircraft; in FSX, we can't really do that. Tower would be hard enough, but the Fisk approach sector would be impossible. Also, the "No-response frequency" thing only works because the controllers can see the pilot rock the wings to acknowledge. Controllers definitely would not be able to see that in FSX, so we would have no way to know if the pilot heard the instruction, never mind understood it. We also wouldn't be able to use runway "spots".

Also, there is a reason that there is an absurdly long NOTAM about Oshkosh arrival procedures. If we want to even get close to the real thing, we will need to develop a large amount of documentation. Since most of our pilots will not read this documentation in its entirety, never mind understand it fully, the result will be mayhem.

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Last year, the event team was planning an "Oktoberfest in the Midwest." This planned included a who month with regional circuits in the Midwest, including some at Oshkosh. I am unaware whether this will be planned again. However, if we do, I'm sure we'll also try to plan other events like pack the pattern, GA Fly-in, etc.

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Guest Mike Pare

Scenery wise, creating a package that includes coloured dots on the runway is not terribly difficult. Adding ground arrows on the railroad tracks out of ripon and fiske (as per real life) is also not difficult.


Positioning your controlling view point to the hill at fiske is not difficult, and since you only have to look to the southwest for slower planes, its not bad as a controller. Its quite fun, challenging, and realistic actually.


Now the real challenge is as noted previously....getting pilots to read the 20 page notam, and to get them to participate properly.


We used to do this event st FSMP, and for the most part, it was usually handled stupidly by the pilots. They would insist on continuing tube liner ifr flights in and out of kosh just because thats where the controllers were. When a controller tried to enforce realism and restrict the traffic accordingly, the pilots would get all pissy and just avoid the server for the week.


Then there were the pattern burners.... Who could not handle the requirements to fly as per the notam.


And for about two nights out of the whole week, we would get a good group of pilots (usually about 10) who would congregate in the hold over the lake at rippon, then come in on a mass arrival as per the dicumented rippon-fisk proceedure.


So it was a week long of wishful thinking , annoyed pilots and frustrated controllers, interipted by a couple hours of good use of the event by a select few.


That's why I think yhis type of event is very difficult to implement on a multiplayer server.

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