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Guest Steven Marshall

BVATC Race Event/Help with the budget-Combo

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Guest Steven Marshall

How about a quarterly or semiannual racing event with standard FSX aircraft like the P51D, the E300 or even the Piper J-3 Cub. And we keep it to standard FSX aircraft so everyone can join?


We could even start out with a budget of $250 excpecting only 25 people to join at $10 each. That's $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, and $25 for third, and with paypal fees, the cost would be $200. And whatever BVATC brings in over that goes right to the BVATC annual budget.


If it becomes a success, then a hopeful plan/goal for us would be to generate a good portion of the BVATC annual budget. Maybe we could expect 50-100 people to enter twice a year. That obviously brings $500-$1000 and the prizes could increase accordingly to something like $300 for 1st, $150 for second and $75 for third. Including paypal fees that a cost of about $525 per event with hopefully about a grand of revenue. So two events per year could potentially contribute about a grand per year to the annual BVATC budget.

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To the inventive side, are you thinking long, straight courses that encourage preformance/speed optimization, or short, weaving courses to challenge aerobatic manuevers. And depending on the chosen aircraft, a long course to a cub, say a grand canyon run, is short but very challenging to an f-16.


To the technical side, what were you thinking to be markers, start points and end points. It would be kind of hard to have everyone begin takeoff roll or cross the start point at the same time.

Erik VanderWerf

Occasional Flyer


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Guest Steven Marshall

Just fly a few of the racing missions within FSX against the computer, which provides markers, etc. to see what I am talking about. I am pretty sure we can do all that in multiplayer too. And the races would not be a mix of cubs agains F-16s. FSX only has the FA/18 hornet anyway. It would be the same category, class and type for the event and could be based on time or challenges. Just fly some of the racing missions in FSX to get the picture.

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Guest Branden Lopez

i think it is a great idea. But if there is such a big prize involved i can see someone going into their aircraft cfg files and changing the aircraft's top speed, acceleration, etc...

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Guest Joseph Marcoux

I'm all for it and agree that it would help the budget.... however, Branden does bring up a good point. I understand that most people here probably wouldn't go and start changing config files and be a-holes about it, but it is a possibility none the less. Maybe if we could work it out so the race coordinator sent the specific airplane (with custom texture so we knew they were using it, not any other) a minute or so before the race so there would be no time for config changes. Or is there a way to make the config file a read-only? So there's no altering? Just a suggestion.

There are some other more complicated ways of making sure the racers don't change configs.... but it involves skype and screen share per pilot who is going to compete in that heat (then monitoring between heats to ensure they don't change during breaks)


FYI- I'll race any RENO events, I'm not much one for the Red Bull Races (my brain doesn't work that fast). I'd love to see this get off the ground and become a fully functioning event if possible.

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