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Jeremy Valentine

BVA's 2014 Flight SimCon Budget

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BVA Team:


As you know, Flight SimCon 2014 is fast approaching! The event takes place at the New England Air Museum at KBDL on June 7-8, 2014.


BVA is investing in the event to help draw aviation enthusiasts to our community. Given that these expenses are slightly different in nature than our standard, annual operating expenses, we wanted to ensure we were being entirely transparent.


In total, BVA will be spending approximately $600 in support of the event, including promotional materials such as polo shirts and business cards for our representatives, as well as an informational pamphlet. The funds also include the “Jet Fuel” T-shirt campaign we are running during the event. Given that these are non-standard, one-time expenses, we have reached out to some of our largest donors over the past years to ensure they are comfortable with the way we are putting their funds to use.


We have also been prudent with our sourcing of each of the materials, including price comparisons from at least two suppliers for each item, and optimizing the quantities of the items we are producing.


We have also budgeted $200 to acquire a Professional License for Prepar3D (as this expense has not yet occurred, it is not listed in the current budget). We believe that for all practical purposes, P3D V2 is the obvious upgrade for FSX. We must find a way to accommodate those who want to use P3D while protecting the investments in FSX that many of our members have made. For this reason we will be looking into creating a compatibility platform between the two products.


Transparency in all of our expenditures is important to us. As always, please let us know of any questions or concerns about our financials.


Thank you and safe flying!

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Guest Nathan Snell

I had a question about the P3D, if anyone is able to PM me let me know. Thanks.

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Guest Alex Lippincott

I've taken a look at P3D and it looks a lot like it's more for students. My major question is, will the academic license ($60) be usable on BVA IF we were to begin support for P3D, or would we need to get the professional license ($200). I understand that you will be working on a way to allow people with FSX to continue using FSX, and I absolutely love you guys for that, but I'd still like to know the amount of money I would need to spend if I switched over to P3D.


I really hope that made sense, haha.

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