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Zac Ploch

Training Day: September 21, 2-5pm ET

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Attention all members! BVA's third Training Day Challenge Event is coming up on September 21 from 2-5pm ET and will be located at the home airport of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB). Training Day is an event designed for new or returning members in which controllers slow down and simplify instructions and provide additional spacing to help student pilots get the practice needed to become regular members.


Not only is this a great event for new or returning members, it is also great for members who wish to sharpen their teaching skills! We are encouraging all regular, active members to join us on September 21 to help the Member Support Team, Virtual FBO Coaches, Air Traffic Controllers, and Administrators in assisting new/returning members who may need some assistance.


More information can be found on the Challenge Event webpage. Hope to see you there!

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